Season 1 of ‘Are You The One?’ Chris-Paige Greetings, Joey-Brittany What Happened to Them? Take a look at

Are You The one Season 1 Matches from the first season of “Are You the One?” include: Here’s everything you need to know about the places of the ‘Are You the One’ couples, so you can start planning your trip right immediately.

It’s been more than six years since the first season of Are You the One premiered on MTV, with 20 contestants competing in the television reality show. It is expected that the participants have accomplished everything, from getting married to achieving their aspirations. While some chose to remain out of the spotlight, others used social media to give updates about their lives to their fans and followers. The whereabouts of the Are You the One couples have been covered in detail in this article. Take a look at:

Here’s What’s Going on in the Are You the One Competitions.

Simone Kelly and Dre McCoy

Dre McCoy, according to InTouch, deactivated his Instagram handle after meeting Simone. He appeared to be busy working on Twitter. He was also apparently acting in Atlanta theatre shows previously. Simone, on the other hand, rose to fame on MTV. Battle of the Exes II, Rivals III, and Dirty 30 were her roles in three seasons of The Challenge. She had previously appeared in the short film Happy Hour in 2017 while attempting to break into the acting industry.


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Jessica Perez and Ryan Malaty

Ryan Malaty divorced Jessica Perez and began his on-screen career as an AfterBuzz TV Game of Thrones host. He has also appeared in Netflix shows such as Reality High. Jessica, on the other hand, is married and has two children.

Paige and Chris Tolleson

Chris Tolleson, like the rest of the Are You the One cast, did not last long with Shanley or Paige. He’s been active on social media, with an Instagram fishing page. Paige, on the other hand, uses the platform but has a private account.

Shanley McIntee and Adam Kuhn

Adam Kuhn, who had found Shanley to be his perfect mate, remained on screen. He collaborated with Shanley on Are You the One: Second Chances, in addition to acting in The Challenge- Battle of the Exes II. Later on, he began dating Sara, a model. Shanley McIntee, on the other hand, rose to prominence as an Instagram influencer, promoting a variety of products.

Ashleigh Morghan and John Jacobs

John Jacobs appeared in The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II after discovering Ashleigh to be his perfect match. Later, he began working on his stand-up comedy career. On the other hand, Ashleigh Morghan aspired to be an actress and has appeared in several minor roles.

Brittany Baldassari and Joey Dillon

Joey Dillon is no longer on social media. He has, nevertheless, been involved in several businesses. He started the Green Life Campaign for homeless vets earlier this year. Brittany, his match, remained in the spotlight. She worked as a sports reporter for Boston’s 7News and appeared in several shows.


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Jacy Rodriguez and Chris Scali

He returned to his prior work after being a member of Are You the One with Jacy. He also contributed to the WOMME app. Jacy Rodriguez, on the other hand, maintained her social media presence. Jacey has around 22,000 Instagram followers as of December 2020.

Ethan and Amber Diamond are a couple.

Ethan and Amber Diamond became one of the few couples that we’re able to maintain their relationship. They are now the proud parents of two gorgeous children. In the business world, they had been leading normal lives.

Coleysia Chestnut and Dillan Ostrom

Dillan Ostrom and Coleysia Chestnut did not have a long relationship. Later in life, he became interested in exercise and starred in the Brunch So Hard series. Meanwhile, Coleysia had relocated to Alabama, out of the spotlight.

Kayla Lusby and Wes Buckles

Wes Buckles shied away from the spotlight. He worked in the pharmaceutical industry after the series ended. Kayla, on the other hand, worked as a television reporter in New Orleans.


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