Reasons to Avoid Saying “Jesus Is the Reason for the Season”

“Jesus is the reason for the season,” Christians and non-believers alike remark at this time of year. Some people who say that have no idea what they’re talking about. They may have heard others use it and start saying it themselves because they thought it was cute.

Every time I hear someone declare, “Jesus is the reason for the season,” I wince. Every time I hear it taught in a sermon, I feel sick because the clergy should know better.

Because of the First Amendment, I can’t stop anyone from speaking that. Regardless of how many people use the cliché, Jesus is NOT the reason for the season in my opinion. That is my view, and I will not change it. So don’t attempt to persuade me differently.

I’ll offer you some reasons why I believe Jesus isn’t the cause for the season. That may come across as startling, especially coming from an ordained clergyman and Bible instructor. Because of these two vocations, I can dispute the ideas raised in this paper.

1. Unbiblical

No verse in the Bible indicates, “Jesus is the reason for the season.” Instead, the Bible says a lot about Jesus coming to earth, and none of the explanations involve Jesus coming for a season.

There is no assertion in the Bible that “Jesus is the cause for the season.” We should not make the same assertion.

2. Poor Theology

Claiming that Jesus is the cause for the season is faulty theology that contradicts both the Bible and theologians’ past and present. According to the following two texts, the cause for Jesus’ visit to earth is evident. The first is from the Old Testament, while the second is from the New Testament.

Jesus did not come for a limited time. He didn’t even come to see me. A kid is born in the United States. A son is handed to the United States. God sent Jesus to Earth because of you and me. He did not arrive to be a season’s purpose. Let’s look to the New Testament to see if we can verify it.

Jesus Is the Reason for the Season

Furthermore, saying Jesus came for a season implies that if people do not follow Jesus during that season, they must wait until the next “season” for Him to return. That is terrible theology!

3. It’s Just a Cliche

“Jesus is the reason for the season,” for example, is a cliche or slogan devoid of sense. There is nothing powerful, holy, sacred, or spirit-filled about imitating something simply because you hear others say it, including those in positions of authority.

Advertisements, greeting card firms, church bulletin companies, and other businesses profit from the statement even though it is false. They profit from what people think.

4. Christmas Is Not a Season in the Way That We Know Seasons to Be

“Jesus is the reason for the season,” as the saying goes, should not be taken literally because Christmas is NOT a season. “A season is a time of the year marked by particular climate conditions,” according to the dictionary. Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter are the four seasons. They keep in touch regularly. Each season has its own set of light, temperature, and weather patterns that repeat year after year. How can Jesus be the cause for the season based on that definition and the characteristics of seasons?

Saying “Jesus is the cause for the season” implies that Jesus isn’t the reason for the rest of the year when seasons vary and seasons come and go.

Jesus Is the Reason for the Season

5. A Restriction

The significance and cause for Jesus‘ arrival on Earth should not be restricted to the days preceding and around the Christmas celebration. Will the cause for His coming be relevant after Christmas, or will we have to wait until the following Christmas to relate to Him during another designated “season”?

Even after Christmas, Jesus’ arrival on earth will be just as momentous as the days preceding His arrival before Christmas. The significance of Jesus’ arrival on Earth may be honored all year long, even until the end of time.

6. Recognizing Christmas and Easter

If you don’t comprehend why Jesus came to earth on the day designated as Christmas, you won’t understand why He was executed on the cross and risen from the dead on the third day, which Christians celebrate as Easter.

You should comprehend His birth when it is honored on Christmas Day, and you should remember it again when it is commemorated at Easter.

 7. Kirk Franklin Makes Use of the Catchphrase

Kirk Franklin, a gospel singer, and songwriter, has earned 16 Grammy Awards, 21 Dove Awards, 23 Stellar Awards, and several other honors, yet he still sings:

Final Thoughts

If Jesus is your reason for the season, feel free to repeat it. However, Jesus is not the cause for the season, and you will never hear me say it, let alone write it.

If you trust the facts in this article, you should reconsider utilizing that slogan. Also, if you accept what is mentioned in this article and feel inspired to do so, share it with people who have the habit of saying, “Jesus is the reason for the season,” since Jesus is with us AT ALL TIMES.

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