Blood and Treasure Season 2 Be Released? Cast, Trailer

Blood And Treasure Season 2-The final episode of CBS’s action-adventure drama Blood and Treasure, which aired from May to August 2019, has been almost two years in the making. The episode brings together an antiquities expert and an art thief to track down a terrorist who funds his attacks with stolen artifacts.

Over 150 days, the globe-trotting series with an Indiana Jones atmosphere was shot in the United States, Canada, Morocco, and Italy, with three foreign cities serving as stand-ins for portions of Europe, Cuba, Africa, and the Caribbean (via the Las Vegas Review-Journal). It’s even more difficult to film during a global pandemic because of this.

People still want to know what happens next to the major characters, despite the fact that the series managed to tie up a lot of storyline loose ends in 12 episodes – and deliver some thrilling twists and turns in the process. That is, in fact, why viewers want more: to ensure that the adrenaline trip continues. While a second season is undoubtedly on the way, there is no word on when it will be released. Here’s all we know so far about Blood and Treasure’s second season.

When Will the Second Season of Blood and Treasure Be Released?

After making steady but not spectacular breakthroughs in the ratings, the network confirmed in June 2019, halfway through its first season run, that Blood and Treasure would be returning.

Although it was evident that the actors were filming in the fall of 2019, reports on the commencement of production for the second season varied. Daytime Confidential reported that filming would begin in November 2019, but actor Matt Barr’s Instagram indicated that he was on set in October 2019. “We’re keeping our options open,” CBS Entertainment president Kelly Kahl said of the second season, which is expected to premiere in summer 2020 or as an unscheduled backup COVID-19 release. One of those choices, according to Deadline, is Blood and Treasure.

Then, in May 2020, executive producer Matthew Federman reacted to a fan who inquired about the show’s status on Twitter by writing, “When it’s safe, we’ll get back to shooting and finish the season. There is no set date for when the show will air.” He basically stated that the second season would not be finished.

In any case, pandemic delays are said to have pushed the series’ premiere date back to fall 2020. Now it’s 2021, and viewers have yet to see a single episode of the show’s upcoming season. However, now that we’re halfway through the year, many people are expecting the series to premiere soon. Because it was a summer series in 2019, it’s possible it’ll return at the same time next year. However, no official statement has been made, and the show’s Twitter account hasn’t been updated since the first season’s finale. In the meantime, fans are playing a waiting game.

Blood and Treasure Season 2
Blood And Treasure Season 2

Who Is in the Second Season of Blood and Treasure’s Cast?

The majority of the core cast from Season 1 is likely to return for Season 2. Danny McNamara, a former FBI agent who is now a lawyer specializing in repatriating stolen art, is played by Matt Barr in the first season of the show. Lexi Vaziri, the art thief who works with Danny, is played by Sofia Pernas. Simon Hardwick, a smuggler rescued by Danny, is played by James Callis. Interpol agent Gwen Karlsson is played by Katia Winter, arms dealer Aiden Shaw is played by Michael James Shaw, Egyptian terrorist Karim Farouk is played by Oded Fehr, Danny’s mentor and Cleopatra expert Dr. Ana Castillo is played by Alicia Coppola, and Danny’s old friend Father Chuck is played by Mark Gagliardi.

Paget Brewster (Criminal Minds) was cast in a recurring role in the second season (via Deadline). Sister Lisa is a Roman nun who is pals with Father Chuck and has a “sly sense of humor.” Sister Lisa appears to be a reliable source of information for the priest. Aside from that, it’s unknown whether some of the actors who played the season’s antagonists will return, as revealed throughout the series.

Is There a Trailer for Season 2 of Blood and Treasure?

The second season has yet to have a trailer. There’s also no indication on whether Season 2 has been completed, despite the fact that numerous series has now returned to production – with necessary precautions and changes. However, due to travel restrictions remaining in effect in many countries, the worldwide aspect of the series may have made it more difficult for Blood and Treasure to finish the season.

While many countries across the world are reopening to American travelers, current laws may make filming and bringing in staff problematic. And this is a large-scale production. According to Watch! Magazine, 528 persons were on the call sheet during one day in Morocco, which may be an unsustainable number these days.

With the status of the second season unknown and probably incomplete, a trailer is unlikely until CBS can confirm a release date. Hopefully, that will happen soon – two years is a long time to go without new Blood and Treasure. In the meantime, fans can watch the first season of the show on the Paramount+ streaming service to pass the time until additional information becomes available.


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