Jett Season 2: Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?

Jett Season 2 is an American drama that was made by Sebastian Gutierrez. They include stars like Carla Gugino, Giancarlo Esposito and Elena Anaya. Michael Aronov and Gaite Jansen are also on the show.

When the first part was on Cinemax on June 14, 2019, you could watch it then. In 2019, Jett’s first season premiered on Cinemax, and viewers gave it good reviews.

Season 1 had nine episodes. The cast and crew wanted to bring the show back for a short period of time, so can we hope for a second season? Keep reading, though.

Is the Jett Season 2 Coming Soon?

It was confirmed on Wednesday that Cinemax would not be making any more unique shows. HBO Max’s main content official, Kevin Reilly, said that.

He said, “I think you can expect that there won’t be any more Cinemax Originals coming out.” “I think they’ve already done with the shows that are already on there, but we’re not going to make any more of them.”

Cinemax said that it would suspend its own substance, then cut out Jett along with it.

It has been hard to find new homes for Carla, Elena Anaya, Michael Aronov, Gaite Jansen, and the rest of the cast since then. It’s the only reason we don’t know for sure if Jett Season 2 will ever get a green tick.

There is, however, a chance that there could be a Jett Season 2 in the future, but it might not come from HBO’s Max. Instead, it might come from a different production.

Also, if the officials change their minds and the show is brought back, it could be out in 2022 or 2023, but these are just estimates! As soon as we know the exact dates and updates for this segment, we will add more to it!

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Jett Season 2: Whom Are We Going to Meet?

Well, if the show is ever made, we can expect to see the former character of the Jett back in the show again! Let’s remember them one by one.

  • She played Daisy “Jett” Kowalski, a talented ex-gangster who is now an artist.
  • Giancarlo Esposito plays Charlie Baudelaire, an even-tempered kingpin who is Jett’s favorite little thing.
  • In this movie, Elena Anaya plays Maria, a Spanish woman who helps Jett raise his daughter.
  • Michael Aronov plays Jack “Jackie” Dillon, a former criminal who is now a police officer, in the movie.

Jett Season 2

  • Gaite Jansen played Phoenix, a sweet-hearted sex worker, and friend of Jett.
  • Gil Bellows is playing Evans, a worker for Miljan Bestic and ex-girlfriend of Miljan’s sister, in the movie. Evans is played by Bellows.
  • Christopher Backus plays Bennie, one of Charlie’s friends, in this movie.
  • When Nobility White plays Charlie’s fierce and flighty son Charles Junior, he is called “Nobility.”
  • It’s Jodie Turner-Smith who plays Josie Lambert, a criminal investigator who is Dillon’s partner and his favorite woman.
  • Violet McGraw is the only girl in the group. Alice, Jett, and Jackie are all just little girls, though.

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The Last Words

There is a good chance that the show will be back in the future. You can also watch new movies and series like Tribes of Europa Season 2, Another Life Season 2, Sky Rojo: Season 2, A.M.I 2019 Netflix Movie: Know Everything About this Killing A.M.I!, and Tribes of Europa Season 2.

It’s time for us to wrap up this post. If you have a question for me, write it down in the comment section so that we can help you right away.

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