The Passage Season 1 Episode 5: Everything You Need To Know About Recap & Review

The Passage Season 1 Episode 5:- My favourite show on TV right now is The Passage. This drama has enough twists and turns to keep things interesting at every turn. I haven’t read the book, so I don’t know where this storey will go. All about Fanning and Jonas this week as we go back in time and see how the storey moves forward.

There is a new player at the gym: Director Gilder. This angers Nicole, who isn’t happy about it. He takes over the project and tells the team he wants Project Noah to go in a different direction. Intent on using Amy as a weapon, he gets to work on making this idealistic idea a reality. This is when we catch up with Amy and Brad, and the first signs of mind-reading start to show up.

There is a lot of drama this week because of how Fanning and Jonas have had a rough time in the past. Jonas was splashed with blood last week, so he put himself in quarantine to be safe. His old coworker comes in and takes him in.

A lot of their tension comes from their shared love for Elizabeth, which was the reason the project was set up in the first place. It’s here that we learn about Fanning’s fling with her and the feelings that grew up as a result of this, so this is where we learn that.

The Passage Season 1 Episode 5

After Richards throw Brad into a corner, Anthony comes into his dream and tells him about a bigger threat on the way. Amy needs to be ready for this, and she might be the key to everything going back to the way it was.

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On the other side of time, Nicole has a change of heart about the new direction of the project. She works to free the two people. It took a few plot twists, including a tip-off from Shauna, but this week, Amy and Brad ran right into the new threat.

There are two main stories going on this week, but in the middle of them is the Project’s naive experiments to control vampires. We haven’t seen a new test subject called Winston yet. A young scientist tries to control him, but as soon as the scientists let their guard down, everything goes wrong and there is a lot of violence.

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With a tease of Amy’s power and a promise of more twists, this week comes to an end. This is when the Passage really comes into its own for the first time in the storey. As the orange dream-like states fade away, they turn into cold blues to show that these dreams are over.

It works very well, and with more drama and tension added to each episode, The Passage keeps getting better and better. Seeing where this one goes next will be interesting. So far, this drama has been very interesting and captivating to watch.

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