Lego Masters Season 2 Episode 6: Recap All The Things You Need To Know

The teams in LEGO MASTERS are now working on 3D art. They start with a studded frame and build something beautiful that comes to life outside of that frame. Each of the build pairs came up with a very different idea. Some of them worked out well, while others didn’t meet Brickman’s high standards.

This challenge isn’t as important as the last one. It’s also possible that it doesn’t seem important because there have been so many interesting and fun challenges so far this season.

Jackson and Alex are getting a lot of praise. While the forced perspective works well, their home doesn’t have a lot of color or activity in it. If it looked better in person, it was only the third or fourth-best build in the episode.

Jennifer and Jodie make a big change in the middle of the challenge. They go from a jungle-themed build to a Kraken attacking a pirate ship, and they have to do it quickly. They did a good job, but the model isn’t very good. The Kraken looks a little flat and the pirate ship looks a little rough.

Because Jay and Stani didn’t use forced perspective or make many parts of their model stand out, Ryan “Brickman” McNaught called them out for not making their model look good.

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Andrew and Damian make an impressive piece of art, but they also get a lot of negative feedback about whether their work is art or not (it may well be pop art, but pop art is still art).

lego masters season 2 episode 6

It was Trent and Josh who took home the prize this week, and they deserve it. In the end, the perfectly sized cowboy looks like he’s about to fall off the bull. A build that looks good on TV always seems to work well in these competitions. This time they got it right.

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No one can say for sure who should have gone home because of this build. Jennifer and Jodie will not win. The problem is that their model-making skills aren’t up to snuff. It’s a shame that Jay and Stani had to leave at the end of the episode. They have made some amazing things and deserve to be in the process.

The next episode of LEGO MASTERS will be on Nine at 7.30 pm on May 4.

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