Wentworth Season 8 Episode 8: Recap All The Things You Need To Know

At the start of the episode, Joan Ferguson (Pamela Rabe) has a dream and sees a young girl in her cell. As time goes on, the other inmates are figuring out how to deal with the new lockdown. Waiting for Lou Kelly, Reb Keane, and Marie Winter are Susie Porter, Kate Box, and Zoe Takes. Marie Winter is Susie Porter.

Things are out of control because of the lockdown. When Joan leaves her cell, Marie gives her something to drink and tells her that things are going to get even worse. Jake (Bernard Curry) goes into another cell block to tell Allie (Kate Jenkinson) that the governor wants to meet with her, and he wants to see her.

They are leaving when Ruby Mitchell (Rarriwuy Hick) asks Jake about Ann. She doesn’t get an answer about her health. Ruby thinks they should have told the truth, but Judy says it’s too late.

Allie would be forced to choose between them and the other women if she knew about it. She doesn’t think it’s a good idea to tell her either. It is best to stay quiet and strong for Allie’s sake, says Judy. The women won’t blame her.

It’s Vera and Will talking about how to find Ann’s attacker before Allie arrives and interrupts them. To find out who did this, Will and Vera want Allie to look for the person. We will let the women work and eat so Allie can find out who the attacker was.

This is what Will agreed to do. Afterward, Judy and the others go to the cafeteria. Allie tells Judy about her meeting with the governor, then Judy tells the others. ANN: I don’t think I’ll have any problems. Ruby: I won’t be able to call my father because we lost our phone privileges after the attack. Joan comes to the hospital with bread for the patients, but they don’t like it and decide to bother her.

It doesn’t end there. Ferguson meets with Greg Miller (David de Lautour) and pays attention to his goldfish. Dr. Smith talks to her about goldfish and how they remember things. During their meeting, Greg tells Ferguson that he can’t watch her sessions because he has to write a report about their meeting.

She is very sure that she is Kath Maxwell, but the court doesn’t agree with her about that. It is what she thinks about Joan Ferguson. There, Greg takes Ferguson to see the babies. She starts to pay attention to Vera’s baby until Jake comes in and gets angry. Jake tells Greg that he doesn’t like what he did, but he says he didn’t mean to hurt him.

wentworth season 8 episode 8

Reb and Marie are watching the news, and they see something about a person of interest being questioned about the True Path deaths. Marie watches as Lou and Reb pay very close attention to the news report, which they read very quickly.

There was a psychiatrist who used untested methods on his patients on the TV. Reb gets angry when the TV shows the picture. Jake sends Ferguson back to prison and tells her to stay away from his child. She doesn’t seem to believe that Jake has a baby.

Vera finds out about that and talks about it with Jake right away. Greg comes in and apologises to Vera. His promise is that he won’t put Grace in danger again, and Vera and Jake are both willing to accept his apology. Jake isn’t happy. Greg got a message about Reb’s top surgery when Jake left. In front of Vera, Ferguson hides the goldfish she stole.

Vera tells Ferguson to stay away from her child. As soon as that is done, Vera tells Reb that his top surgery has been approved. On the application, they need Greg to sign. Reb will have to meet and talk to him. That Reb isn’t happy about having a meeting with Greg. Lou finds out about this.

For him, getting a shrink’s OK to do what he wants to do with his body isn’t important at all. Before too long, Reb comes to Greg and starts to answer his questions. Reb has flashbacks of the guy who tried to get him to believe that he had body dysmorphia during the session. In the end, Reb tries to run out of the room, but he hits Greg on the way.

Rebe is taken back to his cell by Linda Miles (Jacqueline Brennan). She threatens to have him put in a slot. Marie and Lou find out what happened before Lou tries to help Reb get over it. Rudolph felt like he was back with the old shrink, Lou finds out.

The surgery is out of the question for Reb. Lou thinks she can fix it. Lou talks to Greg and tries to get him to sign the paperwork without any arguments from his side. Greg isn’t going to give in, though.

There are rats so they need to do something about them when Greg leaves. It doesn’t work for Ruby to call her sister and Linda tells her off. We hurry over to the call centre in time for Ruby. In the next scene, Boomer (Katrina Milosevic) calls the guy she has been talking to before Will comes in and pulls Allie away from the group.

She hasn’t learned anything. Will wants to know what Allie knows, but she doesn’t know. Ruby listens as Will tells her that things are going to get worse for her because the women might not like her. Boomer asks her friend a question that is very important to him. He says that honesty is more important to him than anything else.

He doesn’t seem to mind her telling him that she’s in prison. When Marie talks to Reb, she talks about the meeting with Greg. Before Reb admits that it wasn’t Greg’s fault, Marie tells Reb about it.

There are a lot of deaths on the True Path. The cult Reb was talking about is what he was talking about. He says that the shrink tried to get inside his head and fix him. It was crazy at the end. All of the other people died.

Lou and Reb were the only ones to make it out. Ferguson is working in the kitchen. He steals a box of rat poison and another cup of coffee. There are then bloody footprints on the ground, so she goes to follow them. This happens again: She looks back at the little girl before realizing what is going on when a guard comes in. She also seems to be having a hard time.

Allie needs help, and Ruby tells Judy that Lou is giving out acid and making things a mess. Ruby and Judy need to do something to help. People don’t like Ann Reynolds. Judy told Allie that Lou didn’t like Ann Reynolds. Meanwhile, Lou makes a poison that she wants to use to kill Greg. Ferguson moves her goldfish into a bigger bottle.

Lou comes in, gives Ferguson the poison, and tells her to put it in Greg’s drink when they meet again. Ferguson doesn’t want to do that. Kath says that she isn’t that person anymore, but Lou isn’t going to let her say no. There are a lot of people in the cafeteria, and Linda tells Lou off for following one of them.

When Lou says that, he makes fun of Allie being the best dog in the world. She stands up and calls out the person who swore at Ann. She wants them to turn themselves in because she thinks Lou did it. Nobody bites. Jake goes to Ferguson and tells her not to see Dr. Miller because he killed Liz, but she doesn’t believe him.

Vera confronts Ferguson and asks why she didn’t meet with Dr. Miller, and Ferguson doesn’t answer. Ferguson told Vera that she had heard that Miller killed Liz. Vera confronted Jake and blamed him right away. They can’t let Miller treat Joan the way he did Grace, he says.

It doesn’t work. Kath says that Joan Ferguson is dead. Lou tries to get her to poison Greg Miller again. Marie says Lou can’t expect Kath to kill for her. Lou says that they are only alive because she is their babysitter. She tells Ferguson that she will poison Greg Miller or the women will get her. Our next stop is the laundry.

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Ruby thinks there’s something wrong with the clothes. People from Ferguson or Kath go to see Dr. Miller, and they talk to him. There are going to be protested by Lou’s girls. They rob the prison. When Lou sends one of the other women to cause more chaos, she also wants to find a way to poison and kill Greg Miller.

Will sends Allie to his office so he can find out who hit Ann. Three inmates are confronted by Linda in the maternity ward. Then, Linda remembers the siege from her childhood. Vera and Jake come over and stop Linda from being attacked. When Allie tells Will that Reynolds was attacked by Lou Kelly, the riot squad won’t be called to the scene.


wentworth season 8 episode 8

If the inmates come back to their cells for a count and they do, Will will let the lockdown go, but only if they do. It’s finally over for Ferguson. She can finally poison Greg. Linda is sitting in a corner and is not in good shape. In the end, Greg drinks his tea when Ferguson walks out of the room. There are two guards taking Lou away, and Allie is there to watch.

If Ruby wants to know where Rita has gone, she calls Leah Purcell and finds out she has gone somewhere warm. Vera goes to check on Greg, but he’s already asleep in his chair when she gets there. Check on Linda, she tells him. She might have had a meltdown during the incident and it might be linked to the siege. That something is wrong with Greg’s goldfish tank.

Ruby comforts Allie, but Allie doesn’t understand how Lou made the whole mess and still got the girls to riot even though he didn’t do anything. Allie talks about Bea and the last thing she did when she was the leader of the pack. A little girl has blood on her hands.

Ferguson sees this, and he is shocked. As soon as Ferguson drinks the poison, Marie comes in to save her. There is no need to care about who Marie was. She only has to be who she is now. Finally, Reb joins her. She takes the poison, and then they die together. Marie and Reb hold hands before Marie learns that the cult member poisoned herself to death, so Marie decides to keep the poison.

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The Wentworth Review

Because it wasn’t perfect, this episode of Wentworth may have been one of the best episodes of the show this season. As long as Boomer finds a boyfriend and Rita and Ruby have a happy ending, I don’t need all of the other things.

So far, this season hasn’t been very exciting, and it’s still hard to believe that we’re almost done! My guess is that the show doesn’t have any clear storey lines or goals. This makes it seem like Allie is in a fight for the top spot against herself because Lou doesn’t want that.

There’s no way I can get interested in Rita, Ruby, Judy, or Ferguson, for that matter. I can’t even make myself like them. Watching this show for Reb, Lou and Marie is all I care about. I don’t care about the rest of the show. Because of those few seconds, I don’t really care about it, and I’m not too excited about the next episode either.

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