‘You’ Season 3 Episode 9 Recap: “Red Flag”All The Things You Need To Know

I’m sure there are some people who don’t agree with me that You is a comedy. To back up my claim, I’d point them to the opening scene of “Red Flag” (You Season 3 Episode 9), where Sherry and Cary use a flag system to keep honest information safe. THEY ARE BOTH IN A CAGE. There are more absurdities in this, the season’s penultimate episode, and they keep going up from here!

When their four didn’t work out, the Quinn-Goldbergs have split up the work: Love agreed to figure out what to do with the Conrads, leaving Joe to fix the house. When he gets rid of the sex toys, he keeps the case of drugs.

Then, he comes across a zippered pouch that has a handgun inside of it. This is what he thinks about while trying to decide what to do with the gun. Either he keeps it and ends up shooting someone with it, or he leaves it somewhere for someone else to use on him. Now, he brings it with him.

Is afraid that an unresponsive Marienne is there. Dante has told him to go to a liquor store there. In what Joe and Dante feared, the judge ruled against her. Ryan is moving to New Jersey for a new job in cable news, and he’s taking Juliette with him.

This is even worse. It comes out: Joe says, “I killed someone.” He only talks about his first murder, which was of his mother’s partner. His friend, Marianne, agrees with him that this event did not ruin Joe’s life for the rest of his days or even years.

They also agree that their kids have given them a reason to live. When their faces are drawn to each other, Marianne says she can’t do any more harm, but Joe says she can’t: he’s ending his marriage. As long as Joe thinks he meant it at this moment, Love keeps coming up with ways to keep him from leaving her. This line gets Joe back to Marienne’s, where they finally have sex for real.

When she wants to get out, Sherry acts like Love isn’t in a cage. She talks about the pastries Love has eaten and reminds her about the letter of introduction she needs to write and deliver to the counselor at the Ashman School. She even offers to help Love write it! Before meeting Theo in the alley, Sherry acts very warmly.

This makes people fall in love with each other. He tells her about the video of Joe punching the wall, as well as how far Matthew has been following him. This is how it works: Theo is leaving town. He wants Love to come with him.

you season 3 episode 9

He’ll take “maybe” for now. When he drives back to his car, he sees a CC camera mounted outside the jeweler across the street that points toward the alley. He thinks Matthew will see it and flips it two birds.

Love is waiting for Joe to see her “WE HAVE A PROBLEM” text, so she goes back to the cage and unlocks her phone with Sherry’s face. She needs to explain Sherry’s silence to her followers. You are so smart even when you’re under a lot of stress. Sherry gasps at that.

Her friend, Love, tells her not to keep trying to be her friend, but Sherry says they really are friends. Love calls Madre Linda a pit of “narcissistic vipers.” Sherry says that narcissism is control, so she doesn’t even agree with Love. In order to be able to choose which flaws to show, she makes up her own persona as an influencer. Love snorts.

As Sherry gets more into the subject, she thinks about how she’s been in a cage of her own making ever since she had kids. Even when she got married. Love tells Sherry about Theo’s invitation and Matthew’s video. For the time being, they can connect with each other on a human level, which works. Her idea is great: Love should write a post about him on Sherry’s blog.

As a result of Joe talking to Marianne, Marianne has decided to follow Juliette to New Jersey. Joe thinks that Love has already killed him and the Conrad family, but Marienne has convinced her that she needs to follow Juliette to New Jersey.

In order for this not to happen, Joe will need to solve Marienne’s “impossible problem”: finding Ryan. People have done this before, like when we think about Nurse Fiona. Now that she has a brace on her wrist, her boyfriend can yell at her in her office where the kids can hear.

The same staircase that Joe didn’t push his own bully down, Travis pauses there. When he thinks about killing his mother’s boyfriend, Travis walks away and Joe misses his chance. Soon after, news comes that something bad has happened to Nurse Fiona. It’s still today, but Joe finds the gun he took to Marienne’s that he had brought with him. “Ryan has to die,” he says in his head.

Love tells Joe about Sherry’s blog post, which has already sent a group of “suits” from Matthew’s company to Joe’s house. A part of Joe’s internal monologue says, “It must be said, Love is good at all of this.” During their embrace, Love notices the gun in his waistband and, after getting over her shock at seeing it, suggests that they use it to deal with them: “We could make it look like they killed each other.” Once worked for us. Joe’s internal monologue says, “Listen to her.” “Our marriage can’t be over soon.”

In the next room, Theo has just put some of the most important videos on a flash drive. Jean, Matthew’s main suite, calls him into his office. This is what she wants him to do: show her what he thinks Joe or Love did. Based on that, she explains the events surrounding Natalie’s death and the cover-up with impressive accuracy.

When Jean gently tells Matthew that Natalie was “a beautiful, flawed person” who kept secrets from him, he thinks it’s a good idea. Then she tells him that all this evidence of his illegal spying has to go before the police come looking for it. Matthew doesn’t want to do it very much.

you season 3 episode 9

Love’s last stop before he drives the letter to Ashman is to pick up the trash in the cage. Getting Love to back her up is now Sherry’s goal. “Fuck him, letting you fix a marriage that didn’t even work in the first place!” Love can’t stand this, so she puts the gun in the pass-through compartment. One of them is going to shoot the other, and Love will let the person who survived go.

When Joe talks about Love’s “impulsiveness,” he doesn’t seem to be very practical when he stalks Ryan to the gym. Because he also has a knife, he wants to kill Ryan with an overdose of Cary’s drugs, but Ryan is faster. Weave in and out as they fight. Ryan goes over a parking lot railing and down to a small green space down below.

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When this doesn’t work, Joe has to run down there and stab the shit out of Ryan. He walks away when the first two yoga students come out and can still see Ryan’s attacker up the block. All this talk about surveillance cameras, and Joe doesn’t think there’s one right outside the door of this public place. Okay!

Afterward, Theo opens up the Natalie playlist Matthew had been obsessed with. The camera at the jewelry store caught a moment when Joe put something in the trunk of Natalie’s car and then drove it out of the alley. Theo goes right to the bakery, which is closed but with the front door unlocked.

He looks for Love, even in the basement, while Sherry and Cary argue about whether the walls of the cage are bulletproof in a room Theo doesn’t enter. Before he leaves, Theo hears a shot. It’s because Cary has tried to shoot the door open, but it didn’t work. The ricochet has hit Sherry in the ear.

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Joe and Chekhov did not think this would happen! It looks like Sherry has just taken the gun and turned it on Cary when Theo breaks down the door with a stand mixer. He doesn’t believe that Love played a role in their imprisonment as they scream and beg him to get them out.

Instead, he stays focused on the matter at hand and looks for a key. So, just in time for Love to come back and tell him that he has to leave town and never come back. he begs her to go with him, but with tears running down her cheeks, she says no.

Theo seems to figure out that the Conrads’ accusations are true and that Love is to blame, especially when she asks him to return the key and says she’ll let them out as soon as he leaves. Love hits him with a fire extinguisher as soon as he’s taken one step toward the door. Blow: He falls down the stairs, where he hits his head and bleeds.

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