Nanbaka Season 3: Is Nanbaka Set to Return for a Second Season?

Nanbaka: The Numbers is a Japanese manga that has been made into a TV show. It was written and drawn by Sh Futamata. The anime version of the show started on October 5, 2016, and ran through March 22, 2017.

Nanbaka was a big hit when it came out in 2016. This is because it is often described as very funny, and the whole series is full of funny situations. The show has 25 episodes spread out over two seasons. There was a first season that aired on October 5, 2016.

The second season came out in January 2017, and the season finale was in April 2017. It’s been three years since the last episode of the second season aired, and fans want to know when the third season will start. Though there has been no official word about a third season, there are more and more rumours about one every day.

What Is The Plot Of The Series?

The main storey of the show is about four men: Jyugo, Uno, Rock, and Nico. They are all going to prison and have been moved to Japan’s most secure prison, Nanbaka.

Because the prison is very secure, it is said that no one has ever been able to get out. In this prison, like most in Japan, convicts are split into small groups and each is given a number.

Are There Any Spoilers About The Third Season?

At this point, there are no possible spoilers for the third season of the TV show. However, it is thought that the third season will have 12 episodes. However, there hasn’t been any proof yet.

If you want to be safe, you should always take this information with a grain of salt. However, keep an eye on this area because we’ll let you know as soon as something official comes out.

When Is The Release Date Of ‘Nanbaka’ Season 3?

A date has not been set for the third season, and it isn’t clear if the show will be back for a third season. Keep in mind that there hasn’t been any official news about a third season yet.

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Nanbaka Season 3

Do You Know Who Are the Main Characters of the Show?

Jyugo: He is from Japan and is known for having a lot of different colours on his skin. Because of this, he is also known as “prison number 1315.” Jyugo’s personality is said to be upbeat, confident, and cheeky, but he gets bored quickly.

This person likes to listen to rock music. He has a good sense of the difference between the electronic and mechanical rock. It was the same for his father, who was also inmate number 610. The public called him “The Shame of Nanba Prison.”

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His name is Uno, and he has long blonde braided hair. He is prisoner number 1311. He is from Britain. When he has a good sense of intuition, he can make bets based on how well he can see, how good his luck is, and how good his intuition is.

He is known for being friendly and outgoing, but when he needs to be rude, he can be. His love for Jyugo is also very strong. He hates Hajime, the prison officer who came very close to killing Jyugo.

Rock, also known as 1369, is an African-American man who wears a Mohawk. As well, he is the tallest and wears long feather earrings with his cellmates. Even though he is impulsive and short-tempered, he likes his friends and is mostly happy most of the time.

As inmate number 1325, Nico has green hair and is wrapped around the right side of the body. He used to be a drug mule when he was younger and has tried to get out of prison a lot.

In the Movie, Has There Already Been a Trailer?

If you want to see trailers for this season, we don’t have any of them. But you can watch the trailer for the first season.

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