The Second Season of Kingdom Has Yet to Be Announced.

South Korea has become the world’s leading source of zombie-related content. In addition to critically praised zombie films like Train to Busan and Alive, moviegoers can also thank the country for a respectable number of great zombie television episodes, such as Kingdom. Unlike The Last Kingdom, Kingdom takes place during the Joseon dynasty, which ruled Korea from the mid-1600s to the mid-1800s. Political intrigue infects the aristocracy as a zombie epidemic ravages the rest of the populace, courtesy of a feud between Queen Consort Cho and Crown Prince Lee Chang.

Eat Your Cake, or in This Case, Your Fellow Human Beings.

The zombie outbreak began in Season 1 of Kingdom because Queen Consort Cho and her father desired to resurrect the King and sire a son or grandson who could succeed to the throne in place of Crown Prince Lee Chang, who was destined to succeed him. As a result, there was a genuine battle of classes between the uninfected aristocracy and the zombified populace. Surely, Cho will come to her senses and see the mistake of her actions, right? No way in hell.

The entire second season finds Cho ramping up her depravity, including kidnapping pregnant women to claim one of their infants as her son. Adding insult to injury, Cho tricked Lee Chang into falling victim to a trap set by the zombified King: either kill the King and be considered a traitor (as few people are aware that zombies exist) or let the King bite him and infect his body. Cho is willing to kill her father to ensure that she does not get caught. She goes ahead and does it.

Cho, on the other hand, reaps what she sows in the end. The zombies devour her, and the child she kidnapped ascends to the throne and becomes the new king, free of her influence. Cho, on the other hand, has the last laugh because the youngster was bitten during the struggle, and the worms that cause the plague are squirming their way towards his brain in the season’s final minutes. With Cho’s evil, the realm was permanently stained, as depicted by the worms crawling through the body of Cho’s son, who became king.

What It Takes to Be a True Leader Is Described Below.

Kingdom goes to considerable lengths to explain how Queen Consort Cho is opposed to Crown Prince Lee Chang, who is the subject of this article. While Cho relaxes and watches as zombies wreak havoc on the countryside, Lee Chang leads a tiny army of survivors in a bid to reclaim the land and discover a way to end the epidemic once and for all. That is reinforced in Season 2, which demonstrates how Lee Chang possesses the true qualities of a leader, whereas Cho does not.

Second Season of Kingdom

In Season 2, Lee Chang sets an example just like in Season 1. After risking his own life, he discovers that the nobility can’t exist without the commoners. Furthermore, Lee Chang shows that he is willing to give himself for his people, whereas Cho demands that her people sacrifice themselves for her to be accepted by them. To put it simply, Lee Chang is faced with the decision of whether or not to abdicate in favor of allowing Cho’s illegitimate son to rule the country.

To avoid a civil war, Lee Chang decides to pretend he is dead and leave the boy’s claim to the throne unattested… Even if the kid’s ancestry is a fabrication, it serves the people, and Lee Chang has come to understand that this is the ultimate duty of a genuine monarch.

Conspiracies Inside Conspiracies Are a Common Occurrence.

Several secrets concerning the series’ zombie epidemic were disclosed in Season 2 of Kingdom. In contrast to other undead outbreaks, this one is created by worms that dwell in a specific plant, and the worms are exceedingly hydrophobic, making them a good candidate for spreading undead. Submerging a body inhabited by a zombie or bitten by a zombie causes the worms to escape, which kills the zombie and stops the body from becoming zombified, respectively. The question is, how did the plant get there? Fortunately, the final episode provides some insight into the matter, if only in part.

When Season 2 comes to a close, Crown Prince Lee Chang discovers that the plant originated in China and arrived in Korea via a traveling companion. The man who brought the plant attempted to sell it as a death panacea, but no one was interested since, after all, who would believe a claim like that about a death panacea? However, this just provides answers to the where and when questions; Lee Chang still needs to figure out who, what, and why.

Second Season of Kingdom

The final episode of Kingdom raises several questions but delivers no definitive answers. Were the zombies generated by the plant supplied to the traveller by accident, or did the person who sold it to him know what he was getting himself into before passing it off? Did they sell the flower in a deliberate attempt to weaken the country from within, maybe as a prelude to an invasion, and if so, why? The woman with the boxed zombies, on the other hand, remains the season’s biggest mystery. Who is she, and why is she taking on the role of the zombie postmaster general in the first place?

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