Jack Reacher 3 Release Date: Is There Going to Be a Third Jack Reacher Film?

People think Tom Cruise would have won an Academy Award if he had been nominated three times. He has done almost everything he can to get one. Cruise is still one of the biggest stars in Hollywood because of his Mission Impossible movies, which keep getting better and better. He might not have thought this would happen.

Among the movies that Tom has starred in, Mission Impossible is one of the best. How did Jack Reacher’s movies get overlooked and underappreciated in terms of fights and fight scenes?

Those movies were based on a popular series of novels by Lee Child. In them, Cruise played a former Military Police Investigator who now lives on the streets. When he does high-risk work for the right reason, he does it.

It was Christopher McQuarrie who made the first Jack Reacher movie in 2012. It made 218 million dollars at the box office around the world, but the second movie, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, didn’t do so well, so the series was put on hold.

It doesn’t matter how old Tom Cruise is when he does stunts. A lot of people didn’t like him when other action movies came out. Now it’s hard for the third movie to come out.

Will There Be a Third Part to Jack Reacher’s Movie, or Will There Not Be?

Tom Cruise won’t be a part of the new Jack Reacher series, even though the movie did well at the box office. He’s been filming Mission Impossible and doing stunts that almost killed him.

He has recently gone back to his Top Gun roots for the upcoming movie Top Gun: Maverick. He may also be working on a movie with SpaceX in which he goes into space. So, the actor is all over the place, which might make it hard for him to return to the role of Jack Reacher again.

Lee Child, the author of Jack Reacher, was not happy when Tom Cruise was cast as the movie’s main character. In 2018, he told the BBC that Cruise’s personality didn’t match the brute-force physicality of his character.

It was said that even though Cruise has a lot of talent, he is not very physical. He was happy to work with him and had a lot of fun. That’s not the only thing that the readers are right about, though. Size is important because it is a big part of a character.

In the beginning, it should be a little scary and nerve-wracking when Jack Reacher walks in and walks around the room. There will be a Jack Reacher TV show for Amazon Prime Video, but the main title may be changed. An R-rated Jack Reacher movie is still going on, but maybe not on the big screen at the same time.

The Jack Reacher movies might be over, but for now, Amazon Studios is giving the character a new look on the small screen, too. New shows based on the books will start filming in April 2021. Unlike in the movies, Alan Ritchson from the TV show DC Titans is going to play the role.

A lot of people don’t know about the Amazon series right now. The only thing they know is that Lee Child has given it his seal of approval. After all the great things that have happened so far, the fun starts here in January 2020.

By now, I know these people. Reacher is in good hands with these people now, though. The first season of the web series will be about the first book in the long-running series. In the book, Reacher goes to a small town in Georgia to look into a case that has been going on for a long time.

He ends up getting arrested right away. It’s a dark introduction to the character’s world that has a lot of action scenes, but it doesn’t have Tom Cruise or the director McQuarrie in it.

Jack Reacher 3 Cast & Crew

  • Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher
  • Rosamund Pike as Helen Rodin
  • Richard Jenkins as Alex Rodin
  • Werner Herzog as The Zec
  • David Oyewelo as Emerson
  • Jai Courtney as Charlie
  • Joseph Sikora as Barr
  • Robert Duvall as Cash

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Jack Reacher 3

Jack Reacher 3: What does the Creator Say?

People who worked with Tom Cruise on two MI films could return. They could also work on a new Jack Reacher movie with Edward Zwick, the director of two Reacher films.

The only thing we know for sure about this right now is that Lee Child will be directly involved in the production of the TV show, as opposed to having a small role in the movies. He has signed a deal with Paramount TV and Skydance TV that also makes him a screenwriter or a story consultant.

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To make sure everyone knew that Tom Cruise was the wrong choice for the lead in the new Jack Reacher TV show, he made sure everyone knew that Reacher is 6’5″ and Cruise is 5’7.”

So when it came to casting the new Jack Reacher, Alan Ritchson was the actor who tried out but didn’t think he was good enough. He has worked on movies like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and TV shows like Titans.

Ritchson talked about how hard it was to audition for the TV show Jack Reacher 3 and how he didn’t get the part at first. I didn’t get the part at first. It was interesting. If they want me to do something, they have to be very specific about what they want me to do.

My height isn’t exactly 6’5″ and I don’t weigh exactly 250 pounds. Afterward, after working with Tom Cruise and many fans complaining that he didn’t have the physicality, as great as in the role, they wanted to get into right.

So, “Well, they want to read me.” I knew they were going to find someone like Dwayne Johnson, who is a big guy. I tried out for the part, and I did well. It was just that my interpretation of the role was a little different from what they had in mind at the time.

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