The Release Date for Trivia Quest Has Been Announced!

Trivia Quest is a mobile gaming app based on the popular trivia game ‘Trivia Crack.’ This is a Netflix interactive trivia series in which the viewer plays the role of the contestant. This game show will put your knowledge to the test in a variety of areas, including entertainment, art, science, history, and more.

Winners, on the other hand, do not receive any prizes. Every day, there will be 24 new multiple-choice trivia questions in this interactive series, ranging in difficulty. Pro-tip: Because no one will know, you can call a friend for assistance.

Trivia Quest

Trivia Quest OTT Release Date in Netflix

In today’s world, Netflix is the most popular online platform where the majority of movies are released. The majority of people have a Netflix paid subscription and enjoy watching the most captivating movies online. In current days, movies are released online, and people prefer to watch movies online without interruptions.

As a result, Netflix is a fantastic place to go to watch the best movies online. Trivia Quest is the second film to be released on Netflix. The Netflix release date for Trivia Quest is April 1, 2022. Subscription to Netflix is required to view the film.

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Who Are the Actors Who Play the Characters in Trivia Quest?

So here’s an interesting fact about Trivia Quest: every character on the show, notably Jonathan Melo, is voiced by the same guy!

Melo is a talented singer-songwriter, voice-over actor, and actor who has worked in television, radio, theater, and commercials and is based in New York City. He comes from a Dominican family that is first-generation.

Trivia Quest

Where Have You Seen or Heard Jonathan Melo Before, According to the Cast of Trivia Quest?

Melo has been an actor for a long time, and his appearance in Trivia Quest will be one of his most memorable. The actor has done a bit of everything, according to his official website’s resume. He has previously appeared in the shows Blue Bloods and Reality Z on Netflix.

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Melo also has a diverse theatrical history in New York and regional theaters, having appeared in New York City off-broad way theaters and live performance venues alongside other Netflix performers Titus Burgess and Emmy Raver-Lampman.

When Will Trivia Quest Be Released?

The Trivia Quest is today’s most intriguing film, and its fans and followers are eagerly anticipating its arrival. Are you looking forward to finding out when Trivia Quest will be released? Continue reading to learn more. When will the Trivia Quest movie be available on Netflix?

Trivia Quest

On April 1, 2022, the much-anticipated Trivia Quest film will be released on the OTT platform. The film Trivia Quest stars a cast and was directed by Maximo Cavazzani. The information on Trivia Quest OTT Netflix release date can be found in the parts below.

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Trailer of Trivia Quest

Highlights From the Trivia Quest

Fans of Trivia Quest can watch the film on Netflix. There are other characters in the film besides those mentioned above, so watch it with your family and friends.

The movie’s release date, as well as the cast and trailer details, are shown above. For many of these binge watchers, Trivia Quest has been on their list of shows to watch.

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