Season 2 of Tiny Pretty Things Has Been Cancelled by Netflix!

Tiny Pretty Things is a television drama series in the United States. Tiny Pretty Things is a drama, thriller, and mystery series.

Tiny Pretty Things has received a positive reception from the audience. On IMDb, it has a rating of 5.9 out of 10. Read the entire article to learn everything there is to know about the second season of Tiny Pretty Things.

Tiny Pretty Things Season 2 Release Date Tiny Pretty Things Season 2 has been canceled by Netflix, according to the current show status. It has been confirmed in the last few hours that Netflix has decided to cancel the series Tiny Pretty Things, or Delicate and cruel, as it is known in Latin America, which was scheduled to premiere on December 14, 2020. On his official Instagram account, the show’s protagonist, Brennan Clost, confirmed that they had dethroned Lady’s Gambit as the most popular casino in the world, where he stayed for 10 days, by writing: “Dream job from start to finish.” “Dream job from start to finish,” he added.

Season 2 Cast of Tiny Pretty Things

The cast of Tiny Pretty Things Season 2 can be found below.

  • Brennan Clost in the role of Shane McRae
  • Barton Cowperthwaite in the role of Oren Lennox.
  • Ramon Costa is played by Bayardo De Murguia.
  • Caleb Wick is played by Damon J. Gillespie.
  • Neveah Stroyer is played by Kylie Jefferson.
  • Bette Whitlaw is played by Casimere Jollette.
  • Cassie Shore is played by Anna Maiche.
  • June Park is played by Daniela Norman.
  • Nabil Limyadi is played by Michael Hsu Rosen.
  • Delia Whitlaw is played by Tory Trowbridge.
  • Isabel Cruz is played by Jess Salgueiro.
  • Lauren Holly in the role of Monique DuBois
  • Maricel Park is played by Alexandra Bokyun Chun.
  • Topher Brooks is played by Shaun Benson.
  • Katrina Whitlaw is played by Michelle Nolden.

What Will the Second Season of Tiny Pretty Things Be About?

Cassie was able to confirm that her fall was not an accident after waking up from her coma. Delia was soon revealed as the person who shoved her.

Delia was in love with Ramon, who was having an affair with Cassie, and in a moment of jealousy and wrath, Delia acted out against Cassie.

Furthermore, the plot becomes much more difficult when Delia frames her own sister Bette, and their mother is fully aware of the situation.

Tiny Pretty Things Season 2

All of this is more than enough unresolved drama for a second season to pick up on — but, to make matters worse, another unexplained crime is tossed into the mix.

Ramon has been stabbed, as revealed in the last moments of the Season 1 finale. The final image shows Ramon on the ground with a knife in his chest and blood pouring from the wound.

The second season will presumably begin off precisely where the first left off, with the mystery of who stabbed Ramon at the forefront.


Furthermore, the novel on which the program is based has a sequel named “Shiny Broken Pieces,” which focuses on the characters competing for a seat in the American Ballet Company.

The next season of “Tiny Pretty Things” will cover a lot of ground between the setup in Season 1 and the source material from the second book.

Release Date for Tiny Pretty Things Season 2

According to the current program status, Netflix has cancelled Tiny Pretty Things Season 2.

It was revealed in the last few hours that Netflix has decided to cancel the series Tiny Pretty Things, or Delicate and cruel as it is called in Latin America, which was set to release on December 14, 2020.

Tiny Pretty Things Season 2

Brennan Clost, the show’s protagonist, announced on his official Instagram account that they had dethroned Lady’s Gambit as the most popular casino in the world, where he stayed for 10 days, by writing: “Dream jobs from start to finish.” “Dream jobs from beginning to end,” he added.

Tiny Pretty Things Season 2 Is Cancelled by Netflix?

Tiny Pretty Things season 2 has no release date because it was cancelled by Netflix, but the show is still available on the platform for its first season, which you can watch right now.

So it’s horrible news that the best ballet dancing series has been cancelled for future seasons.

Tariler of Tiny Pretty Things Season 1

Frequently Asked Questions

In the book Tiny Pretty Things, who murdered Ramon?

Although it was later proven that star dancer Delia was the perpetrator, Ramon appeared suspicious throughout the season — after all, he’s a deceitful teacher who cheated on Delia with Cassie (a teen pupil) before her fall.

What character died at the end of Tiny Pretty Things?

Near the end of the season, it is revealed that instructor Ramon Costa (Bayardo De Murguia) was stabbed to death at the dance studio, and many Archer School students wished him dead. The Season 1 conclusion didn’t quite reveal who murdered Ramon Costa.

Who is the antagonist in Tiny Pretty Things?

Cassie Shore will be the Season Villain of Tiny Pretty Things.

In Tiny Pretty Things, what happens to June?

But, just as one mystery is solved, another one emerges for the pupils of the fictitious Archer School of Ballet in Chicago. Tiny Pretty Thing’s first season finished with a surprising announcement. Students discover June sobbing in the studio over Ramon’s body. Someone stabbed him in the chest and then ran away.

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