Who Is the New Fire Chief on Station 19 Season 5?

It’s that time of year once more. As the actual start of summer approaches, network television shows are concluding their seasons and leaving us on a cliff’s edge, waiting to discover what our favorite characters have in store for us when (or if) they return in the Fall.

Both “Grey’s Anatomy,” the longest-running medical drama in television history (according to people), and its spinoff “Station 19” just aired their respective season finales on ABC.

Both series, as is customary with Shonda Rhimes’ work, wrapped up certain season-long stories while laying the groundwork for a new season of drama.

Station 19 Season 5

While it was speculated that one or both of the shows would be cancelled this season, “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Station 19” have been renewed for an 18th and 5th season, respectively (via Deadline).

What awaits the first responders of Seattle’s fictional firehouse now that the season finale of “Station 19” has concluded?

Who Is in the Cast of Station 19?

Station 19 has maintained the same main cast of eight performers since the beginning (save for Boris Kodjoe, who has only missed a handful of episodes). The following is a list of the main cast members and the roles they play:

Station 19 Season 5

  • Andy Herrera – Jaina Lee Ortiz
  • Dr. Ben Warern – Jason George
  • Jack Gibson – Grey Damon
  • Victoria Hughes – Barrett Doss
  • Travis Montgomery – Jay Hayden
  • Dean Miller – Okieriete Onaodowan
  • Maya Bishop – Danielle Savre
  • Robert Sullivan – Boris Kodjoe

Stefania Spampinato as Dr. Carina DeLuca and Lachlan Buchanan as Emmett Dixon are among the regular cast members.

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Station 19 has also included a familiar Grey’s Anatomy character in several episodes over its run, with Chandra Wilson’s Dr. Miranda Bailey popping up now and again.

Station 19 Season 5

What Will the Plot of Season 5 of Station 19 Be?

Season 4’s finale was not without drama, despite the fact that it did not finish with a mass fatality disaster. In fact, the finale establishes a number of plot points that will be explored more next season.

Maya (Danielle Savre) and Carina will undoubtedly have some difficulties as they adjust to married life, especially now that Maya has been stripped of her captaincy (news she discovered at her wedding!).

Andy and Sullivan will very certainly have marital problems, as Andy (correctly) blames Sullivan for Maya’s departure.

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Season 4 also introduced a love triangle with Vic, Theo, and Dean, who caught Vic and Theo kissing just as he was ready to confess his emotions for her.

Travis confessed his emotions for Emmett after some support from Vic, and Season 5 will undoubtedly explore their rekindled romance.

The next season of “Station 19” is expected to pick up where Season 4 left off, however with so much personal drama among the station’s personnel, it’s hard to see how they’ll find time to battle fires.

Station 19 Season 5

Station 19 Season 5 – When Will It Be Released?

September 30, 2021, at 8 p.m., Season 5 of Station 19 was released you can watch Season 5 of Station 19 on your television. This show will air on the same channel after Grey’s Anatomy Season 18th. New episodes will be released every Thursday night until the fall. Furthermore, the Season 5 Finale for Station 19 may not air until May.

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On Season 5 of Station 19, Who Is the New Fire Chief?

New fire chief on station 19 season 5 is Meet Chief Ross (Merle Dandridge).

Station 19 Season 4 Rating


If you haven’t seen the series and are interested about its quality, I can promise you that it is excellent! The show has a decent IMDb score of 6.8/10, and a 45 percent average audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

So, yes, this show is in my opinion. If you’re still on the fence about viewing it, read what others have said about it after you.

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Will there be a 6 season of Station 19?

There have been no formal statements regarding the continuation of Season 6 of Station 19.

How can I get a free copy of Station 19 Season 5, Episode 8?

No, you will not be able to watch this series for free. To watch prior seasons, you’ll need a Hulu subscription. However, there are other websites on the internet where you may watch for free.

When Will We Get To Know Station 19 Season 5, Episode 8 Release Date?

The release date for Season 5, Episode 8 of Station 19 is December 16, 2021.

Where Can I Watch Season 5, Episode 8 Of Station 19?

This series is available on Hulu, but you must have a membership to see it. The show cannot be seen without a subscription.

When did Season 1 of Station 19 begin?

On March 22, 2018, the first season was released.

How many “Station 19” episodes are there?

This series has a total of 74 episodes.

Station 19 Season 5 Trailer

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