Our Father Released Date on Netflix: Documentary on a Sinister Fertility Specialist!

Never hide anything from your doctor or lawyer, as we’ve all heard. According to legend, lying to your doctor can help you get into paradise. Isn’t it possible that it was your doctor who stabbed you in the back? How long have you been duped by the same person?

Isn’t that shocking? More so because, in an age where doctors are revered as gods, they are expected to be able to do it everything, whether it’s preventing a pandemic or battling the growing problem of infertility.

Our Father

The ruse will be exposed in a new Netflix documentary by director Lucie Jourdan. In the film Our Father, we learn of Dr. Donald Cline’s nefarious intentions. Despite his appearance as a decent man, Dr. Cline has damaged the lives of countless people.

Here’s everything we need to know about “Our Father,” a Netflix documentary.

When Will Our Father Be Released on Netflix?

Our Father will be available on Netflix on May 11, 2022, at 12:00 a.m.

Our Father: Cast

Lucie Jourdan is the director.

What Is the Central Theme of Our Father’s Story?

A group of ancestry.com members gather together to expose a fake is seen in the teaser, which provides us a preview of the plot. Many people these days take a DNA test to see if they are connected to one another. They gather to learn the truth about their biological father, unaware of their seven half-siblings, and are taken aback.

Our Father

David Cline, their parents’ fertility doctor, was the one who swapped sperm with the fathers and became pregnant with the women without their knowledge or consent. Is your pulse quickening? There’s a lot more.

He now has a large family, and these are only seven of them who have come out to express their feelings. We have no way of knowing if there are more than a hundred hiding in the shadows. It’s even more incredible to realize that this strong and well-respected man has led a carefree life.


It’ll be fascinating to see how Dr. Cline’s children, who have no idea how many siblings he has, unravel his heinous acts. Regardless of how disturbing the film and trailer are, Netflix isn’t the first to draw inspiration from a genuine story that is both horrifying and haunting.

Our Father

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will Our Father be able to be seen?

On May 11, Netflix will release Our Father.

Donald Cline had how many children?

Two of Cline’s patients had children after paternity tests were introduced as evidence in his criminal case. According to the teaser for the upcoming documentary, he may have fathered more than 90 children.

Who was the one who exposed the Dr. Donald Hoax?

A group of ancestry.com members who were biological siblings revealed it.

Trailer for Our Father

The trailer, which was released on April 14, 2022, contains frightening imagery and has already received over 1 million views. The teaser suggests that this documentary will be among the top thriller documentaries available on Netflix in 2022.

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