When Will Hbo Release Season 3 of My Brilliant Friend?

Family, welcome back! We’re talking about the third season of My Brilliant Friend since the final trailer was just published, and it’s given us a lot to think about.

This trailer has left viewers in a state of shock and has given them a lot to consider. This award-winning drama debuted on HBO before being replaced by the Neapolitan novel series.

Elena Ferrante is the novel’s author. The plot revolves around two friends, Raffaella Cerullo (as Lila) and Greco (as Lenu), who had been friends for 60 years.

The entire series depicts their life story, which began when they moved to Italy in the 1990s and have been each other’s support system ever since.

 My Brilliant Friend Season 3

In a recent official tweet on the series’ Twitter account, HBO revealed the release date for the third season. The third season, directed by a new director, was confirmed in 2021.

So we’ve compiled all you need to know about Lila and Elena’s upcoming series. Continue to breathe for them to learn everything there is to know about the actors, plot, trailer, and premiere date of the show.

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Cast of My Brilliant Friend Season 3

  • Valentina Acca as Nunzia Cerullo
  • Giovanni Amura as Stefano Carracci
  • Federica Sollazzo as Pinuccia Carracci
  • Eduardo Scarpetta as Pasquale Peluso
  • Giovanni Cannata as Armando Galiani
  • Bruno Orlando as Franco Mari
  • Daria Deflorian as Adele Airota
  • Matteo Cecchi as Pietro Airota
  • Giulia Mazzarino as Maria Rosa Airota
  • Gabriele Vacis as Guido Airota
  • Maria Vittoria Dallasta as Silvia
  • Riccardo Palmieri as Gino

 My Brilliant Friend Season 3

What Will the Third Season of My Brilliant Friend Be About?

Elena was engaged and the author of a newly released debut novel at the end of Season 2. The published book, titled “The Digression,” follows the progression of her friendship with Lila — essentially all the events that the audience has witnessed thus far.

Elena gives a book presentation in the series finale, and she is reunited with Nino (Francesco Serpico), an old friend and childhood crush — as well as Lila’s ex-lover — whom she hasn’t seen in years.

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The series concludes with an image of Elena, who is clearly overjoyed to see Nino. Elena and Nino’s reunion is likely to be given greater context in the third season, which will also follow the events of Ferrante’s third book.

“Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay,” the second novel in the series, finds Lila estranged from her husband and working in a sausage factory, where she is subjected to sexual harassment on a regular basis.

While working, Lila is studying computer science with Enzo Scanno (Giovanni Buselli, Vincenzo Vaccaro), a familiar face from their childhood with whom she is forming feelings. Elena, on the other hand, becomes pregnant shortly after her marriage, despite her desire to wait until she finishes her second novel.

My Brilliant Friend Season 3

Throughout the novel, she attempts to strike a balance between motherhood and her skills as a writer. Elena also confronts her love for Nino after reuniting with him after the book talk.

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With a book full of intriguing drama in Elena and Lila’s lives, the third season, when it eventually airs on HBO, will undoubtedly be just as good as the previous two.

Release Date for Season 3 of My Brilliant Friend on HBO

According to HBO’s official sources, the third season will broadcast on HBO Max and HBO on February 28, 2022. This show will consist of eight episodes and will follow the plot of the novel.

The show will premiere at 10 p.m. ET, with each episode lasting 60 minutes or longer. For the time being, the show will only be broadcast in the United States. However, within a few weeks, it will be broadcast to the entire European public.

 My Brilliant Friend Season 3

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch the third season of My Brilliant Friend?

Season 3 of My Brilliant Friend starts on Monday, February 28 at 10 p.m. ET/PT, with new episodes running every week in the same time slot. HBO is included as part of most cable bundles. Cord cutters, on the other hand, can watch My Brilliant Friend season 3 on HBO Max, a streaming service.

In Season 3, who will portray Lila?

Gaia Girace plays Lila in the season of My Brilliant Friend.

Is it true that My Brilliant Friend is based on a genuine story?

Elena Greco and Lila Cerullo, two childhood friends, navigate the complications of growing up in the 1950s Naples in the film “My Brilliant Friend.” The stars of HBO’s hit TV show “My Brilliant Friend” aren’t just fictional characters; they’re real-life locations in Italy that you can visit.

Where can I find Season 3 of my clever friend in the United Kingdom?

“My Brilliant Friend – Season 3” is currently available to stream on Sky Go and Now TV, or to purchase as a download on Apple iTunes and Amazon Video.

Trailer of My Brilliant Friend Season 3

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