Is There Going to Be a Fourth Season of My Brilliant Friend?

Season 4 of My Brilliant Friend: Netflix has turned many novels into original programs. Another popular show, My Brilliant Friend, has been added to the list.

The Show concluded its second season without announcing a third season. This page contains all the season 3 information for My Brilliant Friend.

My Brilliant Friend is a television series based on Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan novels. The second season (eight episodes) is an adaptation of the already-published second book, The Story of a New Name.

My Brilliant Friend Season 4

A third chapter will conclude the story; in response to fans’ inquiries, the answer is a resounding yes! The third season is based on Lenu and Lila’s third book, Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay.

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Season 4 Cast of My Brilliant Friend

The actors will have to “grow up” for their parts because the plot concentrates upon the development of the two main characters’ relationships.

When Lila leaves her husband for work, Elena becomes a college graduate with a published novel. As a result, the casting will be radically different. Gaia Grace, who plays Lila, is leaving the program three episodes into Season 3 according to TVZap.

My Brilliant Friend Season 4

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Grace explained, “I’m evolving with her, and it makes me sad to have to take over duty to someone else.” “All I want is for whoever comes after me to love her half as much as I do.” Elena, played by Margherita Mazzucco, will be replaced with an older actress.

Synopsis of the Fourth Season of My Brilliant Friend: Expectations

Although the story’s premise is unknown, we may assume that it will pick up where the third season left off. Additionally, viewers may look forward to additional new dramas in the upcoming season.

Apart than that, we’ll need to wait for additional information from the show’s creators. The show’s creators make announcements.

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What Is the Released Date for My Brilliant Friend Season 4

The first season, consisting of eight episodes, began on November 18, 2018. The second season will begin on February 10, 2020, and will consist of eight episodes.

My Brilliant Friend Season 4

Season three is set to begin on February 6, 2022, and conclude on February 28, 2022. It will consist of eight episodes. As a result, there are 24 episodes in total.

The fourth season’s release date is unknown at the moment. Given the finish of the third season, it is premature to speculate. The show’s producers may not release an official update for some time.

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However, we do know that a fourth season is already in development, and the most likely release date for the next installment would be somewhere in 2023, to allow for preparation and filming for the next season.

Will There Be Season 4 of My Brilliant Friend?

The fourth and final season of My Brilliant Friend has been renewed. The Story of the Lost Child, produced by HBO and Elena Ferrante, will bring the terrible Neapolitan series to a finale.

My Brilliant Friend Season 4


All the information asked in the previous post, as well as a lot of information for all of your admirers who have been inquiring for a long time, has been supplied above in accordance with the expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will My Brilliant Friend Return for a Fourth Season?

In the coming months, the fourth season will be officially revealed. Producer Lorenzo Mieli said during the show’s Rome press conference in January that the third season of “My Brilliant Friend” faced a number of challenges, one of which was that the actors, both 18 years old, had to play older ladies.

Is There a Chance Elena and Nino Will Get Married?

Elena, despite her first attempts to break up with Nino, finally accepts him for who he is and flies to Naples with her girls to be closer to him. She conceives Nino’s child at the same time that Lila conceives Enzo’s daughter. Their daughters are a month apart in age.

What’s the Difference Between Italian and Neapolitan Food?

Neapolitan is an Italian dialect. It isn’t the same as speaking Italian. Despite the fact that I am Italian, I am unable to speak or understand Neapolitan due to my origins. Neapolitan, like Venetian, Genoese, and other regional dialects, is an Italian dialect.

Is My Brilliant Friend Television Series Based on a True Story?

Elena Greco and Lila Cerullo, two childhood friends, navigate the complications of growing up in the 1950s Naples in the film “My Brilliant Friend.” The stars of HBO’s hit TV show “My Brilliant Friend” aren’t just fictional characters; they’re real-life locations in Italy that you can visit.

Season 4 Trailer for My Brilliant Friend:

There is currently no news on the season 4 trailer; in the meantime, you may view the season 3 video below.

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