“I’ll Be There in a Second,” Jonathan Groff Says of Mindhunter Season 3 Netflix!

It’s the fall of 2017, and the season is changing. Unbeknownst to the general public, cinematic genius David Fincher is about to unleash one of his most thrilling and frightening projects to date on the streaming masses. That project was a ten-episode television series with the working title Mindhunter.

It premiered on Netflix in mid-October to rousing critical acclaim, and it quickly established itself as not only one of the best shows the streaming service had ever created, but also one of the best shows to have been released in the preceding decade or so.

Mindhunter, which was set in the late 1970s and chronicled the early days of the FBI’s criminal profiling program, was one of the darkest dramas on the air at the time and remains so now. As a result, it devoted a significant amount of time delving into the brutal acts and damaged psyches of some of history’s most prominent serial killers and their victims. Those investigations were carried out by an ambitious young agent (Jonathan Groff), a stoic veteran (Holt McCallany), and a whip-smart psychiatric expert (Anna Torv), and the findings would serve as the foundation for practically every serial killer inquiry from the 1970s onward.

However, even if season 1 of Mindhunter was completely captivating, it didn’t quite achieve the kind of success that Netflix had hoped for. Although this was the case, Netflix decided to go through with a second season, which premiered in the summer of 2019 and proved to be every bit as binge-worthy and amazing as the first. Many fans are now anticipating Fincher and Netflix to release the third season sooner rather than later. That season has not yet arrived, but it is still a distinct possibility in the near future. We have compiled all of the information we have so far regarding the possibility of the third season of Mentalist.

Mindhunter Season 3 Plot

Apart from the serial killers that play an important role each season, Mindhunter’s principal cast also has certain concerns that will be further explored in future episodes.

The murder of a youngster witnessed by Brian Tench, the son of Bill Tench, has significant implications for season three.

While he wasn’t directly involved in the boy’s death, he chose not to alert his parents or even seek aid when the murder occurred. Furthermore, Brian proposed that the boy’s lifeless corpse would benefit from being hanged from the cross, perhaps to bring him back to life.

Just like in real life, the impact of this trauma isn’t so quickly healed, and considering how Brian retreated into himself in the weeks after, it’s evident that these events will continue to affect Bill and the Tench family in season three as well.

McCallany told The Wrap that he and his wife Nancy and son Brian have a tense relationship “On my own father, I drew inspiration for those parts of the script. He was a man from that era. In some ways, he was like Bill’s missing father in that he wasn’t there for his children.”

The FBI agent returns home at the end of season two to find that the two of them have left.

His father, Michael McAloney, was a Tony Award-winning producer who worked on the 1970 Broadway production of Borstal Boy. However, according to the Mindhunter star, Michael’s life resembled Bill’s in that he was always pushed in two opposite directions.

Mindhunter Season 3

“He’d been working for Tony for a long time before this. My father used to hang out in Irish bars with [Tench] and other IRA members. It was something that my mum didn’t get and didn’t grasp “he informed me,


She gradually walked away from him without saying a word..”
McCallany portrayed his father’s feelings in the empty house scene, remarking that “you’re not even given the courtesy of a goodbye” when filming it.

Mindhunter Season 3 Serial Killers

The first two seasons featured a variety of serial murderers, each with his or her own unique story, compulsions, and mode of operation.

We’ve seen the likes of Jerome ‘Jerry’ Brudos, Montie Rissell, Richard Speck, and David Berkowitz alongside Ed Kemper and Dennis Rader (Son of Sam).

McCallany was scheduled to meet with Berkowitz for research purposes, but the chance was canceled at the last minute.

That was extremely discouraging,” he told The Independent. “I desired to sit in front of him and stare into his eyes in order to determine for myself whether this was the same man who murdered those people in the 1970s. My gut feeling is that it isn’t.

“There isn’t a lot of support for rehabilitation in the law enforcement community, so it’s about putting myself in their shoes to gain a thorough knowledge of who these people were.”

Season 3 of Mindhunter: What to Expect
If season three is greenlit, Rader will undoubtedly return, as will Kemper. But what about the show’s newest cast members?

Viewers have speculated about which serial killers might appear, with Ted Bundy’s name being mentioned.

Season two took place between 1980 and 1981, while Bundy was imprisoned. He was imprisoned for nine years before being executed in 1989 at the State Prison in Raiford, Florida, after admitting to 30 killings, although it is thought that he committed more.

Additionally, there is a post on Reddit where users can make their own predictions.

Numerous identities have been offered, including ‘Butcher Baker‘ Robert Hansen, ‘Green River Killer Gary Ridgway, ‘Night Stalker Richard Ramirez, and ‘Milwaukee Cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer.

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Serial killers were prevalent in the 1980s – the BBC reports that “at least 200 such murderers operated in the United States alone” – so Fincher has no shortage of high-profile names to select from.

However, whose subjects will be chosen depends on the timeline for season three.

Of course, if we’re looking for meaningful information about the show’s future direction, the best place to start is with John Douglas, the criminal profiler who inspired Holden Ford. And there are still a few dangling threads.

“By 1981, I had not only the Atlanta child murders but also the Tylenol murders,” Douglas explained to Vulture. “In Chicago, we had the Unabomber case. Then there were other examples, such as Buffalo’s.22-caliber serial killer.”

Whether Douglas is aware of it or not, the killers Douglas identifies would combine to produce a fairly gratifying season three dramatic arc.

John Douglas, a former FBI agent, discusses Ted Bundy.
The Unabomber was apprehended in 1996, one year after Douglas retired from the FBI, and thus, while he would make a compelling subplot, he could not serve as the primary arc. He is, nevertheless, the most ‘renowned’ (infamous?) of the probable candidates.

Although the Tylenol murders were never solved, they did inspire a wave of copycat killers who were investigated and prosecuted. The concept of a killer poisoning his victims (and inspiring such a wave of other killers) makes this a unique case for the Mindhunter gang to investigate (in comparison to all the sexually-motivated crimes they’ve investigated thus far). Once again, an excellent subplot.

The major arc, though, could go to the.22-caliber assassin Douglas mentions. The serial killer’s motivations were racially driven, allowing the show to delve further into broader social problems. Notably, the killer – Joseph Christopher – was apprehended in 1981, providing a fitting conclusion to the season.

It should be mentioned that not everything about the serial killers in the series is based on true facts.

Douglas discussed the iconic ‘grab’ incident between Ed Kemper and Holden Ford exclusively with Digital Spy (the character actually inspired by Douglas).

Mindhunter Season 3

“That would never have been done by Kemper,” he confirmed.

What is true, though, is Holden’s physical reaction to the stress of his job.

Ford is confined to a hospital bed when Mindhunter’s second season begins, having endured severe panic attacks (brought on by his close encounter with Kemper).

“You saw how that affected Holden Ford, the character who portrays me, in the final episode of the first season, and that is accurate,” Douglas explained. “Some of the backstories are different… [However], the worry that Holden Ford is currently experiencing is mine. Because by the time I reach the age of 38, I will have come dangerously close to death on a case, the Green River murder case, when I will collapse in my hotel room with viral encephalitis.

“I was in a coma for a week and awoke paralyzed, requiring five months of rehabilitation.”

He also acknowledged that Mindhunter’s description of “the Bureau’s process” was accurate, as was the FBI’s initial opposition to the study. Additionally, the unit was initially installed in the basement.

Mindhunter Season 3 Cast

If the show is renewed, we can anticipate Ford (Groff) and Tench (Holt McCallany) returning to our screens.

“We are a bit of an odd couple,” Groff explained to TV Insider. “I believe. Holt and I had a lot of fun together playing with the odd couple dynamic, because he and I – both as our characters and as ourselves – are so dissimilar in so many ways, and we had a lot of fun with that relationship.”

They would almost certainly appear alongside psychology professor/FBI consultant Wendy Carr (Anna Torv), Special Agent Gregg Smith (Joe Tuttle), Bill’s wife Nancy (Stacey Roca), FBI Director Ted Gunn (Michael Cerveris), Bill and Nancy’s adopted son Brian (Zachary Scott Ross), and ‘BTK killer’ Dennis Rader (Sonny Valicenti).

Groff is unquestionably eager to return.

“Fincher is held in such high regard. I can’t conceive that everyone would turn down the opportunity to return “According to the actor, The Hollywood Reporter.

“Mindhunter is Fincher to me. For me, the entire experience was about the honour and privilege of working with him. Thus, I am not a sports fan at all, but it’s similar to the [1997-1998] Chicago Bulls. Continue with the team for another season? Or do you simply follow the general manager’s orders?

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“However, if the general manager decides it should cease, you must comply. And this is exactly how I feel about David. I’ll be there in a flash if he says he wants to do another one. However, I trust his vision and instincts, and hence always leave it in his hands.

“Fincher’s world is unlike any other set I have ever worked on or will ever work on. I am certain. When you’re on another set, there’s a bittersweet sensation because it’s great to be in the mind of another filmmaker, another experience, or another television show, but there’s something truly unique about what David does.”

And Groff is presumably looking for a return of Damon Herriman’s Charles Manson. Especially after seeing him in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time In Hollywood as the same character.

“It was incredible. It was fascinating to see the parallels and contrasts. And, as you said, there are a great many years between those two classifications. And he is a master at his craft.”

“His performance as Manson was great in Tarantino’s film, just as our conversation with Manson on Mindhunter took nearly a week. Each and every take. He was an inexhaustible source of creative inspiration from the first rehearsal to the final take. That gentleman is a genius.”

There’s also a chance we’ll encounter Ed Kemper (Cameron Britton) and a slew of other serial killers whom Holden and Bill haven’t interviewed yet.

He did, however, play a significant role in season two’s Atlanta Child Murders investigation. It remains to be seen whether we will see him again.

Holden’s past love interest Debbie Mitford (Hannah Gross), who did not appear at all in season two, or Lauren Glazier, who played Kay Manz, the bartender Wendy had a brief connection with, appear unlikely to return.

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Mindhunter Season 3 Release Date

Season one premiered on television in October 2017, but we had to wait until August 2019 to see the second installment, which was nothing short of excruciatingly frustrating.

The level of detail and study required to create Mindhunter is immense, so even if it is brought back – which is a big if, as previously stated – we will be in for a very long wait.

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