Dirty John Season 1 Release Date: Is Season 1 and 2 of Dirty John Connected?

Season 1 of Bravo’s real crime anthology series Dirty John debuted on November 25, 2018, with the release of the first episode. It’s based on the same-named podcast by Christopher Goffard.

The show’s executive producer, Alexandra Cunningham, co-created it along with Richard Suckle, Charles Roven, Mark Herzog, Christopher G. Cowen, and Chris Argentieri.

Originally, the show was slated for a two-season run. The sitcom will move from Bravo to the USA Network before the start of the second season, which was announced in May 2019.

Dirty John Season 1


Dirty John Season 1: Cast

  • Connie Britton as Debra Newell
  • Eric Bana as John Meehan
  • Juno Temple as Veronica Newell
  • Julia Garner as Terra Newell
  • dirty john season 1
  • Jean Smart as Arlane Hart
  • Keiko Agena as Nancy
  • Jake Abel as Trey
  • Kevin Zegers
  • Sprague Grayden as Tonia Sells
  • Lindsey Kraft as Ruth
  • John Getz as Dwight
  • Joelle Carter as Denise Meehan-Shepard

Dirty John Season 1

What Happened During Season One of Dirty John?

Debra Newell, a wealthy interior designer, meets and marries a doctor called John Meehan in the first installment of the Dirty John series. Daughters Jacquelyn and Terra understand something is amiss with Debra.

We see flashbacks of John’s life as soon as his criminal past is revealed. One of many instances in which John took advantage of women in his life and used them for his own gain.

The married couple gets back on track after a number of arguments when John promises to stop using drugs and leave his past behind him.

John even kidnapped one of Debra’s daughters in order to get his hands on her. John is killed by Debra as she realizes what he’s done to her and her family in the final scene. The plot was inspired by a true criminal story.

Dirty John Season 1

Is Dirty John Season 1 and 2 Connected?

While the first season focused on John Meehan (Eric Bana), a conman and compulsive liar who wormed his way into Debra Newell’s (Connie Britton) life, the second season centers on Betty Broderick.

Rrelease Date of Dirty John Season 1’s Release

At Nuthouse Hollywood in Los Angeles, California, the series made its official premiere on November 13, 2018, with a screening of the entire series.

As a show of respect to those whose homes and lives were lost in Los Angeles and Ventura counties’ Wolsey Fire, a red-carpet arrival was cancelled prior to the screening.


Season 1 debuted on February 14, 2019, and was eventually released in the U.S. via Netflix later that month. When Dirty John premiered in the UK on April 10, 2021, 5Star aired the first episode.

Dirty John Season 1

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dirty John based on a true story?

Yes, Dirty John is a true-crime narrative.

Dirty John Season 1 is available for free online.

NBC has a free online stream of Dirty John.

Dirty John has how many seasons on Netflix?

There are two episodes of Dirty John available to stream right now on Netflix.

How many season does Dirty John have?

Dirty John have only 2 seasons.

Trailer of Season One of Dirty John

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