Ares Season 2 Release Date: Who Will Make a Comeback in Ares Season 2?

Ares, one of the best horror touch dramas, will be renewed for a second season on Netflix’s own network very soon. Pieter Kuijpers, Iris Otten, and Sander Van Meurs produced this horror online television series.

The series was directed by Giancarlo Sanchez and Michael Ten Horn. Even Nevertheless, there is only one season, which premiered on January 17, 2020, and consists of eight 30-minute episodes.

Pupkin, the show’s production company, has announced that another season will be rebooted. The entire plot revolves around Rose Steenwijk, a medical student in Amsterdam who is the protagonist of the series.

She was a first-year college student who joined Ares in secret and discovered the society’s dark secret. Ares is considered the God of War in Greek mythology, according to the theory.

Aries Season 2

It’s being one of the 12 Olympians present. Aries’ parents are Zeus and Hera. Aries represents immense violence and brutality, highlighting an unwelcomed climate of conflict that took the lives of others at whatever cost.


On IMDb, the supernatural horror drama has a 6/10 rating with a 65/100 average score.

Who Can Make a Comeback in Ares Season 2?

The previous cast’s crew members are unlikely to alter much. As a result, all the final faces would have most certainly appeared in Season 2 as well. The following is a list of the first season’s forms:

  • Rosa Steenwijk is played by Jade Olieberg.
  • Carmen Zwanenburg is played by Lisa Smith.
  • Jacob Wessels is played by Tobias Kersloot.
  • Roderick van Hall is played by Robin Boissevain.
  • Frieda Barnhard plays Fleur Booms in the film.
  • Maurits Zwanenburg is played by Hans Kesting.
  • Hester de Hoogh is played by Rifka Lodeizen.
  • In the role of Puk, Roos Dickmann.

Aries Season 2

What Will the Second Season of Ares Narrative Be Like?

We have no idea where this wild plot will go following that no-holds-barred season 1 finale, but given the huge diversity of details unloaded in the final 15 to 20 minutes of season 1, we might be able to come up with a guess.

First and foremost, any second season of Aries would undoubtedly focus on Rosa’s new role as Ares leader. Rosa was picked by Ares top dog Mauritz to take charge of the gang in that finale.

Which necessitated her regretfully killing a willing-to-die Jacob in the process. Rosa’s election to Aries presidency gave her entry to the strange basement.

Where we discovered that the beast we’ve come to know and fear as Beal doesn’t exist. Rosa instead came across a pool of black slime that contained the essence of the society’s centuries of heinous actions.

Rosa goes in head first for a crash education in Aries horrible past, which begins with their despicable slave-trading roots, rather than offering her own guilt to the slime.

Aries Season 2

With her newly acquired powers of influence, she emerges covered in the ooze itself and proceeds to cause hundreds of society members to commit suicide.

Rosa’s battles to handle both her new powers and her new station in life are expected to be explored in season 2, but given the blitz of season 1 shocks, it’s nearly hard to predict what those challenges will entail.

Let’s hope Netflix sees fit to give us another encounter with the Dutch horrors’ hidden organization.

When Will the Second Season of Ares Premiere?

Despite the fact that we do not have an official release date from the creators. Season 2 of Ares will premiere in 2022 on Netflix Originals, the series’ streaming network.

However, due to the global outbreak of the fatal coronavirus, which has had a substantial influence on the production’s budget and schedule, it is possible that it may be cancelled.

Aries Season 2


I’m hoping for the best and an early season 2 renewal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many seasons are there of Ares ?

Ares has only had one season so far.

Where can I watch Ares series?

Are you able to watch the Ares series? Netflix has it.

What does the Ares ending mean?

What does it indicate when Rosa transforms into Beal towards the conclusion of Aries ? Rosa now carries all the Aries Society members’ guilt (and secrets) as the personification of Beal. This should imply that she is extremely harmful to them (as Jacob’s black fingers were), but not to the rest of the world.

In Ares, who is the elderly lady?

The hardship Rosa faces as a guardian of someone with special needs is overshadowed by criticisms of a strong, young female character “suddenly” choosing to join Ares. Rosa’s mother, Joyce Steenwijk (Janni Goslinga), requires continual care.

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