Annika Season 2 Release Date: Who Wrote Annika?

Annika is a BBC Radio 4 play based on the BBC Radio 4 drama Annika Strandhed. On August 17, 2021, Black Camel Pictures’ first episode, created for Alibi and All3Media, premiered.

Annika Strandhed is a Detective Inspector in the Glasgow Marine Homicide Unit of the Scottish Police Service. Her adolescent daughter is with her on this trip.

Annika’s attachment with her daughter is a sub-plot that goes across the entire series. Annika’s Norwegian background is similar to that of the original radio series.

Annika Season 2

Nicola Walker starred as Annika Strandhed in the radio series Annika Strandhed, which was set in Oslo and written by Nick Walker. Everything you need to know about your new favorite program is available right here.


Who Is Coming Back in Season 2 of Annika?

  • Nicola Walker as DI Annika Strandhed
  • Jamie Sives as DS Michael McAndrews
  • Katie Leung as DC Blair Ferguson
  • Ukweli Roach as DS Tyrone Clarke
  • Kate Dickie as DCI Diane Oban
  • Silvie Furneaux as Morgan
  • Paul McGann as Jake Strathearn

Annika Season 2

Annika Season 2’s Plot

The film’s setting was Scotland. “Annika” is a drama about Annika Stranded, a mysterious detective who is the head of Glasgow’s Marine Homicide Unit.

The detective started her career as a member of the Oslo police murder squad, much like on the radio show. Morgan, a bright but unstable adolescent, is having trouble adjusting to her new Glasgow residence.

Their strained mother-daughter relationship is depicted in the show’s interludes. Annika, the only Annika, is a strong lady, despite the fact that she has a lot on her plate with her child.

At work, several cats are smacked. A harpoon slit through the head of a man who was retrieved from the River Clyde. Annika is in a race against time to solve the mystery and prevent more people from becoming victims when another murder occurs.

DI Annika Stranded and her colleagues are assigned their first case when a man’s body is taken from the Clyde and a harpoon is placed in his head. T

Annika Season 2

hey notice that the man’s boat shop isn’t running as smoothly as expected, and that he isn’t engaged in a nefarious business. If another murder occurs, it will be a race against time to stop it.

Release Date for Annika Season 2

Annika’s second season has yet to start production due to a lack of green light. As a result, filming may be delayed, making new episodes unlikely to air in the UK this summer.

The new Season could debut on Alibi in late spring or early summer 2023, followed by Giallo in Italia in the fall, if the first take is completed by October.


Who Wrote Annika?

Annika is based on the extremely successful Radio 4 drama and follows the bright, witty, and enigmatic DI Annika Strandhed (Nicola Walker) as she heads up a new dedicated Marine Homicide Unit. It was written by Perrier nominated writer Nick Walker (MHU).

Annika Season 2

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Episodes does Annika have?

Annika has a total of 6 episodes.

How Many Seasons does Annika Season 2 have?

The number of episodes has yet to be confirmed.

Where can I find Annika to watch?

On Sunday, April 17, six episodes of the new criminal series “Annika” will air on the PBS Masterpiece Amazon Prime Video Channel.

Is Annika a native Norwegian?

She’s an outsider because, although having grown up in Scotland, she retains her Norwegian roots.

Is Annika currently accessible in the United States?

Annika is a six-part series that will run on PBS Masterpiece in the United States (and Alibi in the United Kingdom) later this year, adapted from the radio show “Annika Stranded.”

Trailer of Annika Season 2

At this moment, there is no confirmation of a second season; however, if one is announced, we will update this page as soon as it is available. Here is the trailer of Annika’s first season.

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