Frontier Season 4 Release Date: Did Frontier Season 4 Get Cancelled?

Frontier is a television series that focuses on action and adventure. This Canadian historical drama was directed by Rob Blackie and Peter Blackie, and it was produced by John Vatcher.

This series focused on the historical period in Canada from 1763 to 1779, primarily in the 18th century. This series depicts the North America Fur Trade scenario, in which native Canadians fought back against Lord Benton’s monopolistic market.

Its first season premiered on Netflix, Canada’s Discovery Channel and the world’s largest international network, on November 6, 2016. The storytelling style was highly complimented by the crowd.

In addition, this series got the Best Achievement in Make-up award at the Canadian Screen Awards for its fantastic presentation of the cast to be recognized as in the historical time.

Frontier Season 4

Frontier (2016 TV Series) has so far released three seasons, each consisting of six episodes. So, if you are still missing, we strongly advise you to check it out before moving on to the fourth option.


Cast of Frontier Season 4

Frontier Season 4’s cast is as follows:

  • Declan Harp is played by Jason Momoa.
  • Grace Emberly will be played by Zoe Boyle.
  • Sokanon is played by Jessica Matten.
  • Samoset is Zahn McClarnon.
  • Mary will be played by Breanne Hill.
  • Michael Smyth will be played by Alun Armstrong.
  • Evan Jonigkeit will take on the role of Jonathan Chesterfield.
  • Jean-Marc Rivard is played by Paul Fauteux.
  • Dimanche will be played by William Belleau.
  • Shawn Doyle takes on the role of Samuel Grant.
  • Malcolm Brown will be played by Michael Patric.
  • Father James Coffin is played by Christian McKay.
  • Cobbs Pond will be played by Greg Bryk.
  • Cedric Brown is played by Stephen Lord.
  • Douglas Brown is played by Allan Hawco.
  • Clenna Dolan will be played by Lyla Porter-Follows.

Frontier Season 4

Plot of Frontier Season 4

Frontier Season 4 is one of the most anticipated and sought venture shows among its fans, thus in order to surprise the public, creators will aim to do their absolute best.

As a result, Season 4 will continue to follow the adventures of Declan Harp, the Irish youth independent. Declan will be seen constantly fighting Benton, the violent and ruthless owner of Hudson’s Bay Company.

Frontier season 4 may mark the end of Hudson’s Bay Industry’s hegemony over the worldwide wool trade. Fans will have to wait till the complete plot of Frontier Season 4 is revealed.

Season 4’s plot will be driven by the conclusion of Season 3. Harp visits Lord Benton in his seat in Season 3 and expresses serious worry across the table.

Declan’s goals will be more intriguing to watch as he battles Lord Benton’s copyright market. The manner Grace persuaded Declan in the closing episode of season 3 to go to Benton’s palace will continue in this upcoming season, which will be more overwhelming for you to see.

Frontier Season 4

Frontier Season 4 Premiere Date: When Will It Be Shown?

Frontier’s first season premiered on Netflix in 2016, with the second season following in 2017 and the third season following in 2018.

The season’s consistency led to fans expecting a fourth season in 2019, however that will not happen. Later, the initial date of Frontier season 4 was set for July 14th, 2020, however the global coronavirus outbreak has had a significant impact on the season’s procedure.

However, it has not yet been released, and there is no word on whether the Frontier series will be renewed for a fourth season by Netflix or Discovery Canada.


Did Frontier Season 4 Get Cancelled?

Frontier was cancelled, so there will be no fourth season.

Frontier Season 4

Frequently Asked Question

Will Season 3 of Frontier be available on Netflix?

Season 1 of the show was released in 2016 as a co-production between Netflix and Discovery Canada. It lasted three seasons, with new seasons released every year after that, with season three arriving at Netflix worldwide in November 2018. (Netflix Canada slightly later).

How can I use Frontier to stream?

Download the free Frontier TV mobile app (iOS or Android) or go to to get access to over 100 live-streaming channels, tens of thousands of On Demand titles, TV listings, manage your DVR, and other sophisticated features.

How many seasons of Frontier are on Netflix?

Frontier has three seasons accessible on Netflix.

Is Frontier based on true events?

However, while Frontier contains numerous historical references, its story is entirely fictitious. In an interview with USA Today, Momoa stated that while the series’ true backbone pulled him in, it was the character himself who most impressed him: Former Hudson’s Bay employee gone rogue and savage.

How does Frontier’s third season conclude?

Fisher claims Harp’s son is alive and enslaved on a plantation, despite believing his wife and child were slain at Benton’s command. Harp ends Benton’s days with a flick of his wrist and a gash across the throat with that final piece of devastation. So ends the story of Lord Benton of the Hudson Bay Company.

Trailer of Frontier Season 4

There is no official trailer for Frontier Season 4 yet, however you can view the season 3 teaser here:

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