First Kill Netflix Release Date: Cast, Plot and Where to Watch First Kill?

The thrill, adventure, fun, and hazards that come with being a Vampire, as depicted in Vampire Diaries and The Originals, have been presented by vampire series for quite some time.

It’s interesting how early vampires couldn’t walk in the sun and had to feed at night until the invention of the daytime ring, which made it simpler for them to transition into humans.

Netflix has ordered yet another vampire series, indicating that the blood-sucking escapades will not be ending anytime soon.

First Kill

Instead of prestige dramas like Mike Flanagan’s (The Midnight Mass), Netflix is allowing teen fantasy “First Kill,” which may not be as wonderful as the “Twilight” series but will nonetheless be enjoyable.


Who Will Be in the First Season of First Kill?

  • Juliette Fairmont is played by Sarah Catherine Hook.
  • Calliope is played by Imani Lewis.
  • Margot is played by Elizabeth Mitchell.
  • Sebastian is played by Will Swenson.
  • Elinor is played by Gracie Dzienny.
  • Oliver is played by Dylan McNamara.
  • Talia is played by Aubin Wise.
  • Jack is played by Jason R. Moore.
  • Apollo is played by Dominic Goodman.
  • Theo is played by Phillip Mullings Jr.
  • Tess as MK xyz
  • Ben Wheeler is played by Jonas Dylan Allen.

First Kill

What Will Happen in the First Season of First Kill?

The official synopsis has yet to be released by Netflix, however the series is based on the short story’s premise. To be fully welcomed into the powerful vampire family, Juliet must commit her first murder, but that all changes when she sees Calliope.

Cal is the new girl in town, and her family is famous for being vampire slayers. Soon enough, the two realize that killing either of them will be difficult, but since feelings cannot be controlled, they end up falling in love. Will their relationship last given that they come from two distinct families?

When Will the First Season of First Kill Premiere on Netflix?

Netflix and the show’s creator have yet to announce a definite release date for the vampire and slayers series, but the good news is that filming is over.

First Kill

Post-production takes a long time because it involves the majority of the work, and with Netflix’s schedule in mind, the series might be released six months after production.

The series was shot in August of last year, and the eight episodes are expected to be published between February and May 2022. These are merely speculations that will be confirmed whenever the series’ creators provide an official update.

Is First Kill Based on a Book?

While the series isn’t based on a book, it is inspired by Schwab’s short story of the same name, which was published in the YA collection Vampires Never Get Old: Tales with Fresh Bite.


Fans will be pleased to learn of her involvement in this live-action adaptation, as authors rarely have such control over the direction and growth of their works.

First Kill

Where I Can Watch First Kill?

Baby, this is 100% Netflix original stuff. On the giant streaming service in the sky, “First Kill” will be joining “The Vampire Diaries” and “Vampire Academy.”

Look, sometimes Netflix knocks it out of the park with this stuff, and other times they create a show that isn’t much more than background noise fodder, but in either case, they make it easy to tune in.

When it comes to the “when,” Netflix hasn’t revealed anything about the show’s premiere date, but fans can expect it to appear on the streaming giant’s site in 2022.

Principal photography on “First Kill” completed in August 2021, according to this Instagram post from creator, writer, and executive producer V.E. Schwab, so it’s not out of the question.

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