Jon Huertas Net Worth: This Is Us Miguel Was Almost a Completely Different Character, According to Jon Huertas

Jon Huertas Net Worth: Jon Huertas is a Puerto Rican-born American actor. He is most recognized for his roles in HBO’s Generation Kill as Sergeant Antonio ‘Poke’ Espera, Joe Negroni in the film Why Do Fools Fall in Love, and homicide detective Javier Esposito in Castle.

On October 23, 1976, he was born in New York City, New York.

Jon Huertas’ Educational Background

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 Jon Huertas Net Worth

Jon Huertas’ Professional Life

Jon Huertas began his acting career in the 1993 television film The Webbers, in which he portrayed Pimp-Uncredited for one episode.

Later, in an episode of Must Be a Guy Thing, he made his debut as Peter Magnuson in the American teen drama television series Beverly Hills, 90210.


He also made guest appearances on a number of TV shows, including The Shield, Castle, and others. In 1996, Huertas made his acting debut in the American action thriller film Executive Decision, in which he played Sammy, a terrorist.

In the American romantic drama film Why Do Fools Fall in Love?, he played Joe Negroni. He also appeared in a number of films, including Cold Hearts, Picking Up the Pieces, and others. He now plays Miguel in the American comedy-drama series This Is Us.

What is Jon Huertas Net Worth?

There is an approximate asset that is net value, according to many sources. So, how much money does Jon Huertas have now? Jon Huertas’ current net worth is $3 million as of 2022.

 Jon Huertas Net Worth

Jon Huertas’s Height and Weight

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Jon Huertas Relationship Status and Marital Status

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Wife and Affair of Jon Huertas

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 Jon Huertas Net Worth

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This Is Us Miguel Was Almost a Completely Different Character, According to Jon Huertas

Miguel Rivas, the closest friend of Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) and eventual second husband to Jack’s wife, Rebecca (Mandy Moore).

Was drastically different on paper before he was cast on the NBC drama, according to the actor in an exclusive interview with E! News.

Huertas revealed that the character’s initial name was Mike and that he was not identifiable as a Latin American man. Huertas went on to say at the NBC Upfronts red carpet on May 16 that he has a personal connection to Miguel “His narrative is similar to mine in terms of feeling trapped between two cultures and not fitting in.

All of our stories originate from very personal areas, and I believe that’s what draws people in; they want to feel as if we’re giving them something special. That we’re making contact with them.”

He recalls, “I was the only person of color up for the job.” “I’d just finished a chemistry read for another show, One Day at a Time, and the casting guys there said, ‘Oh my god, maybe he’s the perfect Mike.'”

Huertas was unaware of this until after the fact, as he had assumed he was only a “token” person of color auditioning for the show. He was pleasantly proven to be incorrect.

Interesting Facts About Jon Huertas’s

  • Huertas worked in the United States Air Force for eight years as an aircraft nuclear/conventional weapons specialist before beginning his acting career in 1993 with an uncredited role.
  • Huertas rose to prominence alongside Alexander Skarsgard in the critically acclaimed HBO miniseries Generation Kill.
  • He served in both Operation Just Cause and Desert Storm.
  • Sex Is the Word, his debut music video single, was released in June 2011.
  • Scorpio is his zodiac sign.

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