Eric Bischoff Net Worth: Eric Bischoff Responds to What Tony Khan Said During Aew Double

Eric Bischoff Net Worth: Eric Aaron Bischoff is an American business owner, TV producer, booker for professional wrestling, podcast host, and TV personality.

He is best known for being the Executive Producer and then Senior Vice President of World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and then the on-screen General Manager of WWE’s Raw brand.

Net Worth: $12.5 Million
Date of Birth: May 27, 1955 (66 years old)
Gender: Male
Profession: Wrestler, Screenwriter, Actor, Professional Wrestling Booker, Television producer
Nationality: United States of America

Early Life of Eric Bischoff

Eric Aaron Bischoff was born in Detroit, Michigan, USA, on May 27, 1955. Kenneth J. Bischoff and Carol A. Bischoff raised him.

Eric Bischoff Net Worth

We don’t know where Bischoff went to high school, but we do know that he got a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a minor in radio, TV, and film from the University of Minnesota.


Eric Bischoff Career

Eric Bischoff got involved in wrestling, he ran a successful construction business. He then started to sell low-level marketing ideas to buyers until the late 1980s, when he joined the American Wrestling Alliance.

Verne Gagne, the CEO of AWA, gave the company to Bischoff, but things were already going wrong for the business. It went out of business in 1991, and he tried to work for the WWF after that.

Ted Turner put him in charge of WCW after he had tried several times and failed. At the time, WCW wasn’t doing so well.

He was hired as Senior Vice President, and as soon as he got there, he started making big changes. He got Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Lex Luger, Scott Hall, and Roddy Piper to sign with him.

After getting Turner to put the show on during prime time, it could compete with the WWF. Even though it wasn’t supposed to happen, WCW beat WWF in ratings the first week.

And with Bischoff as the commentator, he declared war on Monday Night Raw. In 1996, on his 39th birthday, he told everyone that Scott Hall would be working for WCW and joining the popular WCW heel faction.

The move made sure that the promotion was the best wrestling show in America, and it stayed at the top for 95 straight weeks. In 1999, WWF got the upper hand, and in 2000, after some hard times, he gave up.

He tried to buy WCW with Fusient Media Ventures, but the deal fell through, and Vince McMahon bought the company.

Vince McMahon, who used to be Bischoff’s rival, hired him as the general manager of Monday Night Raw in 2003. After taking some time off to work on other TV projects, he did this.

In 2020, he went on AEW Dynamite a few times to help Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy talk about something. But it was made clear that he is not working for the company.

What is Eric Bischoff Net Worth?

Eric Bischoff is an American businessman whose net worth is $12.5 million. Eric Bischoff was born on May 27, 1955, in Detroit, Michigan. Before he got into wrestling, he worked at a number of jobs.

He ran a successful landscaping business, worked as a veterinary assistant, competed as a professional kickboxer, and ran a butcher shop where he sold meat via van delivery.

Eric Bischoff Net Worth

Bischoff, Eric Physical Information and Height

Celebrity beauty is expressed through their physical structure. Celebrities’ physical appearances, such as their heights and weights, are constantly setting new trends. We can get a sense of it.

Eric Bischoff stands 1.78 meters tall. This individual weighs 84 kilograms. The weight fluctuates from time to time; here you will find the most recent weight.

Who Is Eric Bischoff Dating?

Eric Bischoff is married to Loree Bischoff and Kimberly Bowman, according to our records. Eric Bischoff is not dating anyone as of May 2022.

Eric Bischoff’s Past Relationships: We have no information about Eric Bischoff’s previous relationships. You can assist us in compiling Eric Bischoff’s dating history.

Bischoff signed WWF superstar Scott Hall, better known as “Razor Ramon” at the time, in 1996. Hall was joined by Kevin Nash, formerly known as “Diesel” in the WWF, to form “The Outsiders” two weeks later on Nitro.

Bischoff portrayed the duo as WWF renegades who were not under WCW’s control. To avoid legal action from the WWF, Bischoff asked them flat out if they worked for the WWF in a work interview at The Great American Bash, which both Hall and Nash denied.

When Hulk Hogan, a long-time fan favorite, joined the Outsiders in July 1996, the group grew and became the New World Order (nWo).

Awards Won by Eric Bischoff

Eric Bischoff has had an incredible wrestling and non-wrestling career thus far. His legacy as the man who made WCW the most popular wrestling show at the time will live on forever.

Eric Bischoff Net Worth

Tony Khan credits him as well, stating that AEW would not exist if it weren’t for Bischoff. Bischoff, on the other hand, hasn’t won any awards, but it’s worth noting that he was once the WCW Hardcore Champion.

Eric Bischoff Responds to What Tony Khan Said

Last Sunday night at the AEW Double Or Nothing media scrum, Eric Bischoff reacted to what Tony Khan said. Bischoff claimed that CM Punk has been a financial disaster for the company, but Khan defended him.

I felt bad for Tony in a way,” Bischoff said. Then it’s like, “All right, I’m ready to fire back.” This is going to be a lot of fun for me. I was all set to leave.

I spent most of Monday morning in my head planning how I was going to attack this with a flamethrower. Then I said, ‘No, Eric, that’s what you usually do.’ Let’s not do what you usually do, which is a visceral, in-the-moment reaction without much thought.


There will come a time and a place for me to respond to this nonsense. What the hell is going on here? Friday night squabbles? What? You’re kidding, right? Enough? I came up with a better idea.

Every week, I’m here with you (Conrad Thompson). You mentioned that you and Tony are friends. If you have something to say, Tony.

And you want to defend yourself, and Punk, you have a problem with my responses when I’m asked a question, or when someone from your organization decides to use their platform to take a swing, and then bitches and whines like a little puppy who peed on the carpet and knows it’s about to be smacked.

And I respond, and you have a problem with that? I’m here, brother. Give the big man a call whenever you want to jump on and jump in. You have his phone number. He’ll set it up, and we’ll take care of the rest. So he’s not hard to come by.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Eric Bischoff married or unmarried?

He is married. He has a wife.

Eric Bischoff was born in what city?

Eric Bischoff was born in Michigan, which is in the United States.

What is Eric Bischoff’s date of birth?

Eric Bischoff was born on May 27, 1955.

What is Eric Bischoff’s height?

He stands 1.78 m high.

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