1899 Netflix Release Date: Who Is Going to Be in the 1899 Cast?

This year will see the launch of the first German series on Netflix. It comes from the same production house as Dark, which has piqued the interest of the audience in what this series will entail.

This post will attempt to lay all the cards on the table and reveal this future enterprise, which appears to be exciting.

1899 Netflix Release Date

We’ll go over the release date, actors, storyline, trailer, and much more, so keep reading to find out everything you need to know.


Who Is Going to Be in the 1899 Cast?

The cast of “1899” will be worldwide, in keeping with the story’s emigration to the new world premise. Because every cast member will speak in their original tongue, the show will transcend language barriers.

Several of the actors are from the United Kingdom, Denmark, Spain, Belgium, and Poland, among other European countries.

As Friese disclosed to Deadline, the show runners intended for the series to be bilingual from the beginning. “We never wanted to have characters from different nations, but everyone spoke English, so staying loyal to the cultures and languages was quite crucial.

We wanted to travel to the center of Europe, where everyone is from somewhere else and speaks a different language, and where language shapes so much of your culture and behavior “explained Friese.

Aneurin Barnard, Alexandre Willaume, Gabby Wong, Emily Beecham, Yann Gael, Anton Lesser, Maciej Musial, Clara Rosager, Jonas Bloquet, Miguel Bernardeu, Maria Ertwoler, and a number of other actors are among the eclectic ensemble cast.

Andreas Pietschmann, who portrayed the Stranger in all three seasons of “Dark,” may be familiar to “Dark” viewers. There hasn’t been any word on the character names yet.

Plot of 1899 Series

“Multinational immigrants moving from the old continent to the new find a frightening enigma aboard a second ship floating on the open sea,” according to the Netflix plot summary for “1899.”

1899 Netflix Release Date

This intriguing premise is a fantastic starting point, but there isn’t much else to go on. However, we can make some educated guesses.

The initial (and most obvious) assumption is that the story begins as a period piece set in 1899, at a time when many Europeans traditionally emigrated to the United States — but this is from the makers of “Dark,” so things are sure to grow a lot more complicated.

In an interview with Deadline, Odar and Friese revealed a few ideas about what spectators might expect from the upcoming series. “Everyone can be certain that this will be something strange, wild, and crazy,” Odar told Deadline.

But don’t expect another time travel story. “We don’t like repeating ourselves, but it will be a great puzzle for the audience. We’re returning to our mystical roots.”

“All the passengers on the ship are travelling with secrets that they don’t want to get out,” co-writer Friese noted. While we don’t yet have a more detailed plot, “1899” promises to be just as fascinating and twisted as “Dark,” and we can’t wait to see it.

When Will 1899 Be Available on Netflix?

The production of “1899” has been a learning experience for the writing team of Friese and Odar, who had planned to make the series using traditional filmmaking techniques.

But because of the global pandemic, it became impossible to travel, so the people who made the game had to find a way around that problem.

They found it through the magic of virtual production, a new technology that uses game engines to create virtual backgrounds and effects in a studio (via The Hollywood Reporter).

Most notably, “The Mandalorian” used this same technology to make its movies. We don’t know how long it will be until we can see this cutting-edge technology for ourselves.

1899 Netflix Release Date

Filming for “1899” began in early 2021, but the creators told Deadline that it has been hard to learn how to use the new virtual filming method. Odar told Deadline, “It sounds like a magic tool, but it’s really, really hard.”

“It’s like going from driving a car to flying a plane all of a sudden. There is a huge difference.” “1899″ could come out sometime in 2022 if everything goes well.


Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen in 1899?

Immigrants from all over the world who are going from the old continent to the new one find a nightmare puzzle on a second ship that is lost at sea.

The movie 1899 is about what?

The German-language, multilingual epic mystery-horror series 1899, which was made by Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar, will debut on Netflix in the fall or winter of 2022.

Trailer of 1899 Series

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