Lock and Key Season 3: Is Locke and Key’s Third Season Will Be Its Final Season?

Lock and Key Season 3: The television series Locke & Key is set in the United States. The Locke & Key series is filled with fantasy, drama, and horror. The audience has responded positively to the series Locke & Key.

On IMDb, it received a 7.4 out of 10 rating. Read the entire article to learn everything there is to know about Locke & Key’s third season.

After their father is killed in mysterious circumstances, the three Locke siblings, along with their mother, move into their ancestral home, Keyhouse, in the series Locke & Key.

Lock and Key Season 3

They discover the Keyhouse to be full of magical keys that may be linked to their father’s death. Meredith Averill, Carlton Cuse, and Aron Eli Coleite created the Locke & Key series. Read the entire article to learn more about the release date, cast, and plot.


Season 3 of Locke & Key Cast

The Locke & Key Season 3 cast can be found below.

  • Nina Locke is played by Darby Stanchfield.
  • Kinsey Locke is played by Emilia Jones.
  • Tyler Locke is played by Connor Jessup.
  • Jackson Bode Locke is played by Robert Scott.
  • Duncan Locke is played by Aaron Ashmore.
  • Eden Hawkins is played by Hallea Jones.
  • Josh Bennett is played by Brendan Hines.
  • Rendell Locke is played by Bill Heck.
  • Ellie Whedon is played by Sherri Saum.
  • Sam Lesser is played by Thomas Mitchell Barnet.
  • Javi is played by Kevin Alves.
  • Jackie Veda is played by Genevieve Kang.
  • Brinker Martin is played by Kolton Stewart.
  • Zadie Wells is played by Asha Bromfield.
  • Doug Brazelle is played by Jesse Camacho.

The Plot of Season 3 of Locke & Key

Do you recall the final scene of Season 2? If not, allow me to remind you. It was a cliffhanger, and now everyone, including you and me, wants to know what happened next!

Lock and Key Season 3

The second season came to a close with a suspense moment that made viewers contemplate and excitedly anticipate the next scene. Season 3’s plot is yet to be revealed. As a result, no one knows anything about it.

However, based on the Locke & Key Season 2’s very interesting plot, we can certainly make some assumptions. Let’s get started! In the second season, Dodge was defeated, but Frederick Gideon is only getting started.

Eden summoned him, and it appeared that she would take command for a little period of time. The Captain, however, hurled her into the depths of the well from which he had emerged before walking through the portal to create hell.

Season 3 will focus “far more heavily on the family,” according to Cuse and Averill, and they will face “the worst peril they’ve had to fight yet.” The reported Sandman crossover, on the other hand, will not be coming anytime soon.

While The Sandman is coming to Netflix, it will not be joining Locke & Key, according to Joe Hill. This is in some way a foreshadowing of the Season 3 narrative.

However, the suspense level in Season 3 will almost certainly remain the same, and Season 3 is likely to be even more intense and full of exclamation points!

Locke and Key’s third season will be its final season.

Unfortunately, Netflix’s comic-book adaptation show’s third season will be its final season. The final season will be a suitable finish to the plot because the series was developed with a three-season arc in mind.

Locke & Key executive producers and co-showrunners Carlton Cuse and Meredith are said to be wrapping up post-production on season 3, which will air on Netflix later in 2022.

When Will Season 3 of Locke & Key Come Out?

It is certain that the show will come back for a third season. Now, all that’s left to do is check Netflix to see when the episodes will be there.

Lock and Key Season 3

Even more exciting news about what will happen to Locke and Key after season 3 is shared in an Instagram post. The post, which showed “first look” pictures from the new series, also confirmed that season 3 would be the last.

It said, “All the fans, keep your ears wide open and clean for the next season of Locke & Key!” After so long, they are finally coming. After Season 2’s huge success, I’m excited and sure that this season will also be a big hit.


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The first season started in February 2020, and the last episode will come out in October 2021. Based on this, we think Lock and Key Season 3 will come out in late 2022.


So let’s hope for the best and wait for it to happen. Let’s keep working hard and taking care of ourselves until then.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can we find Locke and Key to watch?

With a Netflix account, you can watch Locke and Key on Netflix.

Is it worth watching lock and key?

Yes! It was written by Stephen King’s son! The people in the story are interesting and draw you in.

How many episodes are in Season 1 of Locke and Key?

Season 1 of Locke and Key has 10 episodes.

Season 3 Trailer for Locke & Key

The trailer for Season 3 of Locke & Key has not come out yet. It looks like it will come soon. Find the trailer for Season 2 of Locke & Key below. It came out on Netflix on October 6, 2021. Let’s look at it.

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