Kevin Gates Net Worth: Kevin Gates Dating Status Is Clarified by Jojo Zarur.

To know about Kevin Gates Net Worth read the full article. Kevin Jerome Gilyard is an American rapper and vocalist from Louisiana who goes by the stage name “Kevin Gates.”

He rose to prominence after signing with the Dead Game Records label in 2005. Pick of Da Litter, Gate’s debut album, was released in 2007. He had a deal with Atlantic Records and is currently signed to Bread Winners.

Kevin Gates Net Worth

Early Life of Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates was born on February 5, 1986, in Louisiana. He grew up in Louisiana with his family, but the family later relocated to Baton Rouge.

He attended Baton Rouge Community College when he was 17 years old. Gates’ ancestors are African-American and Puerto Rican.

Gates was arrested for the first time when he was 13 years old, however he did manage to attend community college for a short time. Gates reconciled with his father as a teen, but he died soon after.

Kevin Gates Career

Gates planned to start his career as a rapper after graduating from Baton Rouge Community College. He joined the record company Dead Game Records in 2005, and that was the start of his career.

Pick of Da Litter and All or Nuthin were his two mixtapes released in 2008. “A lot of hardship…. a lot of actual stories,” Gates said of his two mixtapes. Music has always been a passion for Gates.

When he signed to Lil Wayne’s music label Young Money Entertainment in 2012, his career took off. Gates was signed to Young Money, although he never signed a record deal with them.

What is Kevin Gates Net Worth?

Kevin Gates net worth is $1 million. Kevin Gates has risen to notoriety as a solo artist after releasing his debut album after partnering with a number of well-known performers over the years.

Kevin Gates Net Worth

Kevin Gates’ talents were showcased on the album, which included deep, meaningful lyrics that addressed issues such as sadness and poverty.

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He also frequently raps on his prison experiences, having been arrested numerous times for various offenses.


By 2013, Gates had founded the Breadwinners’ Association record label, through which he released another mixtape. Another mixtape followed soon after, and both of these releases were well-received by critics and fans alike.

As a result of his increased notoriety, Gates embarked on a four-month tour across the United States. The rapper, however, soon faced another setback when he was re-incarcerated.

Despite the fact that he was facing prison time, he released another mixtape in 2014.

Bill Gates’ Personal Life

Kevin Gates had a tough background and was arrested for joyriding when he was thirteen years old. After dropping out of Baton Rouge Community College, he served another year in prison, as detailed below.

He married Dreka Haynes, his longtime lover, in 2015. Khaza is the couple’s son, while Islah is their daughter. The couple converted to Islam in 2016 and conducted hajj in Mecca.

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He has been involved in various scandals over the years. After confessing to having a sexual relationship with his cousin and kicking a woman in the breast during a show in 2015, he received a lot of negative attention. In 2017, he was also sentenced to 30 months in jail.

How Did Kevin Gates Become So Wealthy?

Kevin Gates collaborated with Bread Winners’ Association and Atlantic Records on his album Satellites.

Gates also released his mixtape By Any Means through Atlantic Records and BWA. Gates also released his 13th album, Luca Brasi 2, which includes Gates’ first gold single.

Legal Concerns for Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates was arrested as a passenger in a stolen automobile when he was 13 years old. He was sentenced to prison in 2003 after stabbing a man many times outside a movie theater after a dispute with another patron.

He was sentenced to three months in prison in 2016 for kicking a concertgoer while performing on stage.

Later Work and the Debut Album

Kevin Gates released his 13th mixtape in 2015, and his fans were clamoring for more. Gates would respond to their cries in 2016 with the release of Islah, his first studio album.

Kevin Gates Net Worth

The album was a huge hit, reaching number two on the Billboard Top 200 and selling more than 110,000 copies in its first week. Kevin Gates continued to release mixtapes and EPs starting in 2016.

Kevin Gates’ New Business

In addition to his rapping career, Kevin Gates has shown a strong entrepreneurial mindset over the years. His other achievements include the founding of his own record label and the creation of an energy drink.

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Kevin Gates Dating Status Is Clarified by Jojo Zarur.

Over the last two weeks, Kevin Gates has caused quite a commotion. Summer Walker’s brief interaction with him at the club became a viral moment, prompting her partner to comment on social media.

Gates and Jojo Zarur of Love & Hip-Hop Miami sparked dating rumors this week, leading to even more suspicion about his relationship status.

He seemed to confirm that he and Dreka Gates had broken up while shooting his shot at Rubi Rose, Nicki Minaj, and Beyoncé.

He raps, “Took the blame in interviews and made it look like I was high/ Made the ‘Dreka’ song, lied to the public while attempting to preserve her image.”

Following the release of the song, Jojo Zarur has addressed Gates’ relationship status. As one fan put it, “He is a happily married man. This isn’t a favorable impression.”

Zarur responded by spilling the beans on Gates’ sudden bachelorhood, adding, “He’s truly single, lol. Make sure you have your facts right.”

Gates’ new album, Khaza, is set to be released on June 17th, and it appears like he will be discussing his relationship woes even more.


Here are some of Kevin Gates’ most memorable achievements:

  • Billboard Music Awards (Top Rap Album “Islah” 2017)
  • iHeartRadio Music Awards (Best New Hip-Hop Artist, 2017)
  • “Had To” Music Video (2017)
  • Islah Debut Studio Album (2016)
  • “2 Phones” (2016)
  • “Really Really” (2018)
  • “Change Lanes” (2018)

Frequently Asked Questions

Kevin Gates Changed His Name for What Reason?

He changed his name because he signed a major label deal with the Atlantic, and I figured that if I signed a major label deal, the record companies wouldn’t want to be associated with two artists with the same name because it would generate brand confusion.

Who Is the Wife of Kevin Gates?

Dreka Gates is Kevin Gates’ wife, although rumors are circulating that Kevin Gates and Dreka Gates are no longer together.

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