Father of the Bride 2 Cast: When Will Father of the Bride Be Released?

Father of the Bride is a 1995 American comedy film starring Steve Martin, Diane Keaton and Martin Short. It is a sequel to Father of the Bride and a remake of the 1951 film Father’s Little Dividend, which is a follow-up to the 1950 film Father of the Bride.

It’s hard to believe that Father of the Bride was first released in 1950. The original film, which starred Spencer Tracy and a young Elizabeth Taylor, was a huge hit at the time, receiving several Academy Award nominations.

The film was then rebooted in the 1990s with Steve Martin, an Emmy Award-winning comedian, and Diane Keaton, an Academy Award-winning actress.

Despite the fact that the film received no Oscar nominations, it was a box office success that led to a sequel (and a Father of the Bride Part 3(ish) short film on Netflix).

Father of the Bride 2 Cast

In the year 2022, the Father of the Bride returns with a new cast and a new look. This time, the classic tale is told through the eyes of a Cuban-American family led by Andy Garcia of The Godfather Coda (The Godfather Part III).

Who Will Be in the Father of the Bride 2?

 Who will be in Father of the Bride 2022 are:

  • Andy Garcia as the father
  • Gloria Estefan as the mother of the bride
  • Adria Arjona as the bride
  • Isabela Merced as the sister of the bride
  • Diego Boneta
  • Ana Fabrega
  • Chloe Fineman

Matt Lopez wrote the script for the movie, which was made by Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner. Executive producers will be Andy Garcia, Jesse Ehrman, Paul Perez, and Ted Gidlow.

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When Will Father of the Bride 2022 Be Released?

Father of the Bride is getting a second remake more than two decades later. On June 16, 2022, the romantic comedy will premiere.

With an HBO Max subscription, you can watch the Gaz Alazraki reboot. The films Father of the Bride (1950) and Father of the Bride (1991) are currently unavailable to stream on HBO Max, but they can be rented or purchased through Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and other services.

Father of the Bride 2 Cast

Who was in the 1991 Film Father of the Bride?

The film Father of the Bride, released in 1991, is the most well-known of the franchise’s previous installments. It was a remake of the same-named 1950 film starring Elizabeth Taylor and Spencer Tracy.

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What Is the Best Way to Watch Father of the Bride?

The HBO Max Original film The Father of the Bride remake must be streamed directly on the platform. A subscription to HBO Max is required for potential viewers. There has yet to be an official announcement as to when or where the film will be released in the United Kingdom.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is the Father of the Bride Director?

Gary “Gaz” Alazraki is in charge of making Father of the Bride. Even though he hasn’t made a lot of movies, the Mexican movie Nosotros los Nobles, which he wrote and directed, is his most well-known work (The Noble Family).

How Long Does the Father of the Bride Take to Watch?

The movie Father of the Bride is 1 hour and 57 minutes long.

What Is the Rating for Father of the Bride?

Father of the Bride is rated PG-13 in the US and 12 in the UK.

How Are the Father of the Bride Reviews?

Critics have mostly good things to say about Father of the Bride. As of June 17, the movie had a 77 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes and a 66 percent score on Metacritic. There are some early reviews here.

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