My Policeman Release Date: When and Where Does My Policeman’s Filmed?

To know about My Policeman Release Date, cast read the full article. Michael Grandage is the director of the upcoming romantic drama film My Policeman. It is based on Bethan Roberts’s book of the same name. My Policeman, which was directed by Michael Grandage, who also directed Red, is the story of PC Tom Burgess.

Who lives in Brighton on the south coast of Britain in 1957 and struggles to hide the fact that he is gay. Based on Bethan Roberts’s 2012 novel My Policeman, the movie looks at how homosexuality became a crime in Britain in the 1950s.

My Policeman Release Date

“Tom’s whole point is that he is a confused character. It’s even more of a problem because he’s a police officer and his job is to enforce the law. And the law in the country at the time affects everything he feels.

Whoever was going to play younger Tom and older Tom had to understand and absorb the complexity of the law,” says Grandage.

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Who’s in the Cast of My Policeman?

  • Harry Styles as Tom Burgess
  • Marion Taylor is played by Emma Corrin.
  • Gina McKee in the role of Marion
  • Patrick Hazlewood is played by David Dawson.
  • Patrick is played by Rupert Everett.

The Plot of My Policeman

My Policeman is set in the 1950s, a time of profound social, historical, and political change. Tom Burgess, a young police officer, falls in love with Patrick Hazelwood, an artistically-inclined museum curator, in the midst of time’s shifting currents.

Tom falls in love with the schoolteacher Marion. Given the times in which they live, Tom and Patrick’s relationship appears impossible, so he marries Marion but never stops loving Patrick.

And so begins the complex and turbulent journey of three young people as they each navigate social changes, emotional turmoil, and unrequited love.

Even as the plot develops and time passes, the longing and regret that the three protagonists have experienced their entire lives continue to envelop them.

My Policeman Release Date

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In My Policeman, there is neither mystery nor suspense, but rather a long and exhausting journey through life that must be discovered.

Even though we know what the story is about, we have yet to learn how each character navigates their social identities, emotions, and self-discoveries, and how this upheaval in their lives ultimately comes together.

When Will My Policeman Be Released?

The release date for My Policeman has been confirmed by Prime Video, and My Policeman will be available worldwide on November 4th, 2022.

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The film will also be released in British theaters a month earlier, on October 21, 2022. It runs for 113 minutes and is rated R.

Frequently Asked Questions

When and Where Does My Policeman’s Filmed?

My Policeman’s principal photography began in April 2021 and was shot in various locations throughout London, Brighton, and Hove.

Trailer of My Policeman

Yes, a teaser trailer for My Policeman has been released, and it features a lot of Harry Styles and Emma Corrin swimming in an outdoor pool and in the sea! It’s also great to see Brighton Pier, as well as David Dawson’s love interest Patrick! Take a look at the video below for a teaser…

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