Entergalactic Release Date: Who Is the Directed of This Animated Series?

Entergalactic Release Date: Netflix will soon release the animated series Entergalactic. Kidi once said he’s always loved music but wished there was more of it.

He’s always wanted to be a voice actor, so this project is excellent and fulfils his dream. The show’s producer, Kenya Harris, struck a deal with the Khalabo Ink Society on Netflix.

And this is the third series that has resulted from that deal thus far. We know that Mescudi and Ian Edelman will collaborate to write, produce, and direct the show, and that it will be entertaining.

Edelman and Kid Cudi were slated to write and produce the show from the Kidi Album when it was first announced for the year 2019.

Entergalactic Release Date

Two years later, in September 2021, Kidi tweeted to thank his entire team for their hard work and to assure the fans that they were in for an incredible performance.

Voice Cast of Entergalactic Series

As previously mentioned, Netflix Geeked Week was where the full cast list was revealed. According to Netflix, Scott Mescudi will play Jabari, a charming young man trying to find love while juggling all the other responsibilities of adulthood.

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The complete voice cast is listed below:

  • Kid Cudi as Jabari
  • Jessica Williams as Meadow
  • Timothée Chalamet as Jimmy
  • Ty Dolla $ign as Ky
  • Laura Harrier as Carmen
  • Vanessa Hudgens as Karina
  • Christopher Abbott as Reed
  • Jaden Smith as Jordan
  • Keith David as Mr. Rager
  • Teyana Taylor as Boxing Coach
  • Arturo Castro as Len

Entergalactic Season 1 Plot

The only thing that is known about the series pilot is that it will follow the story of a young man as he searches for and finds love.

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The young man might be Kidi, someone close to him, or perhaps just a work of fiction since it will include music from the Entergalactic album.

We anticipate a thorough explanation of the young man and the difficulties he will encounter in his search for a feeling as the premiere date of the series approaches.

Release Date for Entergalactic Season 1

Following the tweet, no details regarding the series’ premiere date, its trailer, or even its episode count have been made public.

Entergalactic Release Date

We can only wish that the series would arrive before mid-February at this point after he revealed that Entergalactic series would premiere in 2022.

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It feels like a suicide mission to wait too long for a great show, and believe me, you do not want to take that path.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is the Directer of Entergalactic Animated Series?

Fletcher Moules is the director of Entergalactic animated series.

Where Can I Stream the Show?

As an exclusive animated series made for the streaming service Netflix, the episodes will only be available to view there. Users can choose from a variety of membership plans, renew their subscriptions, and start watching this animated series right away when it debuts on September 30, 2022.

Entergalactic Teaser

View the colourful and exciting teaser trailer below!

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