Parker Schnabel Net Worth: What Is Parker From Gold Rush’s Doing These Days?

To know about Parker Schnabel Net Worth, career life read the full article. Parker Schnabel is an American gold miner and reality TV star. He is best known for being on the reality TV shows “Gold Rush” and “Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail.”

The first season of “Gold Rush” came out in 2010, and the episodes where he tried to help the miners at Porcupine Creek are the most well-known ones.

Early Life of Parker Schnabel

Parker On July 22, 1994, Russell Schnabel was born in Haines, Alaska. He has a brother named Payson and his parents are Roger and Nancy Schnabel.

Parker Schnabel Net Worth

Since he was just five years old, Parker Schnabel has been involved in mining. Parker spent his formative years working for Big Nugget, a mine owned by his grandfather John Schnabel.

Before his feet even touched the pedals, he began operating large machinery. When Parker Schnabel became famous and participated in the varsity basketball team, he was still a senior in high school.

Parker, an enthusiastic traveler and outdoors man, planned to concentrate on geology or mining studies in college with the goal of eventually returning to manage the family mine.

After graduating, he took over management of the mine. Parker took over the day-to-day management of the mine after his grandfather John stepped down from it.

He took charge, managed a group of miners who were more than twice his age, and demonstrated his capacity for finding significant gold.

Parker controversially decided against attending college and instead left his mining hometown in search of new opportunities in the Yukon. He took money out of his own college trust fund to start the business.

What Is Parker Schnabel’s Net Worth?

American gold miner and reality television personality Parker Schnabel has an $8 million net worth. The long-running reality TV program Gold Rush and its spinoff Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail made him famous.

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Reality TV

Parker is one of the subjects of the 2010 Discovery Channel program “Gold Rush Alaska,” also referred to as “Gold Rush.”

His involvement in the show is notable for the scenes in which he tried to assist the miners at the Porcupine Creek claim but found out they had no idea what they were doing.

His choice to leave his family mine and go it alone is portrayed in the fourth season of the show. A staggering 1029 oz of gold were discovered by Parker in the first year of running his own mining operation.

From 2012 to 2016, Schnabel starred in the reality television program Gold Rush: The Dirt. He played the lead role in the 2017 season of the reality TV show Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail.

On all three shows, he served as a producer. By the age of 24, Parker has already extracted gold valued at over $13 million.

Personal Life of Parker Schnabel

Ashley Youle, an Australian veterinary nurse, and Parker Schnabel dated. Alongside him, she was shown on the reality program working in the Klondike.

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After two years, Parker announced their separation in December 2018. He was rumored to be dating Sheena Cowell, the assistant producer for his show, in 2019.

Parker Schnabel Net Worth

His mining work takes precedence over his personal life because he is a self-described workaholic. He spent over $950,000 on a sprawling mansion with all the latest amenities in Alaska, his dream home.

When Parker announced on Facebook in January 2017 that he would soon be revealing his baby to the world, he infuriated his fans by twisting the story to reveal that the alleged “baby” was actually his new dog.

Parker Schnabel Properties

Home: Parker Schnabel is an American who works and lives in America. Because he was born in Alaska, he has always been associated with mining. His family has a long history of working as gold miners. Parker has a home in Alaska as well as one in New York.

Car collection: Parker Schnabel owns numerous automobiles. He has a diverse collection of automobiles. Schnabel currently owns several Mercedes, Jeeps, Chevrolets, and other vehicles. He prefers powerful, large vehicles.

What Made Schnabel So Successful?

While the majority of 18-year-olds eagerly anticipate spending enormous sums of money on continuing education, Paul chose to go a different route.

Paul put all of his money into a land lease in the Klondike instead of using his college savings to pay for a degree. Paul recouped all of his investment and then some because of his diligence, tenacity, and foresight.

He now has two gold mines under his control and plays a crucial part in a popular reality TV program. Schnabel makes a good living each year, but you won’t likely see him driving a fancy car or living in a fancy house.

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Instead, you’ll see him putting more of his time and money into buying land. Paul grows his mining empire every year, increasing both his ownership of commodities and his ability to secure a new season of “Gold Rush.”

Family History of Parker Schnabel

Parker was fortunate to be born into a family of gold miners. John Schnabel, his grandfather, served as mayor of Haines, Alaska, before resigning to pursue his gold mining interests and ventures.

Parker Schnabel’s grandfather claimed and purchased Porcupine Creek in 1984. John’s initial intention was to use the creek as a summer vacation spot for himself and his family, but he later had other ideas.

He immersed himself in gold mining in the creek that became known as the Big Nugget Mine. In pursuit of his interests in mining, John Schnabel was always accompanied by this young man.

Parker Schnabel Net Worth

Parker Schnabel, his grandson, was identified as the young man. Parker would spend the majority of his summers with his grandfather at a gold mine.

2 Strong Life Lessons From Parker Schnabel

Now that you know how much Parker Schnabel is worth and how he got there, let’s look at some of the best things we can learn from him:

Get What You Want

Stay strong and keep your mind on your goal. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you don’t deserve what you want.

Live By What We Get

What we get is how we make a living, and what we give is how we make a life.


Here are some of Parker Schnabel’s career highlights:

  • Gold Rush (TV-Show, 2010-)
  • Big Nugget Mine
  • Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail (TV-Show, 2017-)

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Parker Schnabel’s Height?

Parker Schnabel is 1.75 meters tall.

What Is Parker From Gold Rush’s Doing These Days?

Parker is therefore still single. Parker has mined $13 million worth of gold since taking charge of his own business, which suggests that he won’t have any trouble hiring a successor when the time comes.

How Much Money Does Parker Schnabel Make?

Parker Schnabel is thought to make more than $1 million per year in salary.

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