Fire Island Movie Review: What Makes This Movie Shine?

To know About the Fire Island Movie Review read full article. The new movie “Fire Island,” which is named after a famous gay vacation spot in New York state, is a beautiful, sun-filled escape from the real world.

The characters in the movie keep reminding us that time moves more slowly and sensually on the island. Set off the South Shore of Long Island, which is the same place as “The Great Gatsby’s” famous Hamptons.

And “Gold Coast,” it’s the perfect place for this gay, Asian American-led adaptation of Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” written by star Joel Kim Booster and directed by Andrew Ahn.

Fire Island Movie Review

In the first few minutes of the movie, Noah (Booster) says, “In our community, money isn’t the only way to trade.” “Race, being a man, and having abs are just a few of the ways we divide ourselves into upper and lower classes.”

Noah plays Elizabeth Bennet in the movie. He is fit and sure of himself. He and his chosen family, which is mostly made up of people of color, are always broke but full of life.

They want to make the most of their last summer on Fire Island before their broke mother hen, Erin (San Francisco native Margaret Cho), sells her beloved vacation home.

Noah’s best friend, Howie, played by Saturday Night Live star Bowen Yang, is like his softer, more romantic sister, Jane.

Howie wants to do “rom-com things” like kiss in the rain, stand outside his window with a boom box, or confess things in a gazebo, but he’s never had a boyfriend.

During their week on Fire Island, Noah makes it his goal to get his best friend, Howie, laid. He says he won’t try to get laid himself until Howie does.

At Tea, a famous and historic dance party on the island, a white doctor named Charlie, played by “You” actor James Scully, comes on the scene as a suitor for Howie.

Erin yells with joy when she hears about his job, which his Korean mom likes. Will (Conrad Ricamora from “How to Get Away With Murder”), the snobby token Asian in Charlie’s rich, mostly white group, starts a romantic comedy of errors. Will is, of course, Darcy to Noah’s Elizabeth. He pouts like a lemon, which makes him look like a Darcy.

Fire Island Movie Trailer

What Makes the Movie Shine?

The cast’s undeniable chemistry is what makes the movie shine like the Atlantic Ocean. Yang and Booster make their scenes very sweet.

As best friends, they comfort each other by touching their index fingers together. Ricamora caught my attention as Seymour during the NPR Tiny Desk Concert for the revival of “Little Shop of Horrors” off-Broadway.

As his character relaxes and gets closer to Noah, he becomes even more charming. But there is so much BIPOC talent in the cast that it’s easy to wonder if white characters and extras would have been better off with even less screen time.

In “Fire Island,” there is a lot of talk about whether Asian-American Howie is good enough for Charlie. But no one, except for Booster’s Noah, questions whether Charlie is good enough for Howie.

Most of the characters in the movie, including Noah at times, seem to think that hot white men are the best. How much more interesting would “Fire Island” have been if all the people who fell in love with the main characters were Asian?

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What would it have been like for Howie, who was always alone, to finally feel wanted and seen by a person of color? Or, what if white characters like Charlie and his mean friends had seen real consequences for the way their community always turned away Asians?

Fire Island Movie Review

“Fire Island” wasn’t as good as it could have been because of these unanswered questions and the way a revenge-porn plot point was brushed over.

Even with its flaws, “Fire Island” is a feel-good, enjoyable comedy and a celebration of queer Asian American storytelling. Let’s hope that if it does well, it will pave the way for even more subversive movies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is the Director of Fire Island Movie?

The director of the film Fire Island is Andrew Ahn.

What Is the Fire Island Movie’s IMDB Rating?

The IMDB rating for the movie Fire Island is 6.7/10.

Who Plays the Main Roles in the Fire Island Movie?

As Noah, Joel Kim Booster plays the lead in the Fire Island film.

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