After a Vacation, Justin Bieber and His Wife Hailey Return to the United States!

Officially returning to the country are Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey. The married couple was pictured returning to Los Angeles on Monday after a two-week vacation to the Bahamas following Bieber’s diagnosis with Ramsay-Hunt Syndrome.

Which forced him to postpone the U.S. leg of his Justice World Tour. The 25-year-old Hailey was wearing a black collared leather jacket, a white tank top, glasses, and a bun in her hair as the singer-songwriter, 28, sported a white hooded sweatshirt, red pants, a baseball cap, and sunglasses.

In reference to the model’s March ministroke, which was brought on by a blood clot that travelled from her heart to her brain, a source close to the couple recently told PEOPLE, “Hailey has been so supportive of Justin, just like he supported her with her health issues.”

They are indestructible. In an Instagram video from earlier this month, Bieber revealed his diagnosis and informed fans that the syndrome has led to facial paralysis.

Paralysis of Justin’s Facial

“Hello, everybody. I’m Justin. I wanted to give you guys a status report on the situation. I obviously have Ramsay Hunt syndrome, as you can probably tell from my face, and it is caused by a virus that attacks my facial nerves and ear nerves, paralyzing my face as a result “He said in the video from June 10.

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Justin Bieber continued, “As you can see, this eye is not blinking,” before winking his other eye. I am completely paralyzed on this side of my face, and I am unable to smile. This nostril will not move.

Prior to moving the remaining North American dates, he first postponed two New York City concerts. He also addressed “frustrated” fans in the video.


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He explained,”I’m just physically incapable of doing them. “As you can see, this is a serious situation. Although I wish it weren’t the case, my body is clearly telling me to slow down.

I hope you guys will understand, and I’ll be using this time to rest, relax, and regain my strength so that I can carry out the tasks I was previously assigned “to do.”

He attempted a smile and added, “But in the meantime.” “It is not this. I need to get some rest so that my face can return to its proper position.” He expressed gratitude to the crowd for their support and promised to “get better.”

Less than a week after publishing the video, Bieber declared the remaining North American dates of his Justice World Tour would be postponed until further notice.

The remaining US Justice Tour concerts planned for June and early July will be rescheduled due to Justin’s ongoing recovery, according to a statement on the Justice World Tour’s official Instagram account.

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Bieber “continues to receive the best medical care possible, is upbeat about his recovery, and is looking forward to getting back out on the road and performing for his fans overseas later this summer,” the statement said in reference to the “Peaches” singer’s health.

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Hailey claimed that she and Bieber are now “closer than ever” while promoting her new skincare line Rhode on Live with Kelly and Ryan on June 15.

She said, “I think honestly that what I went through and what he went through really bonds you. Hailey also reassured fans that Justin Bieber is recovering during her outing. He will be completely fine, she assured. “This is just a really strange, out of the blue situation.”

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