Lily Meola Wins the Golden Buzzer at the ‘AGT’ Auditions, the Audience Becomes Emotional!

Tuesday’s Golden Buzzer-winning performance by Heidi Klum had the America’s Got Talent audience in tears and on their feet.

In the most recent AGT episode, Klum voted for 27-year-old singer-songwriter Lily Meola with her Golden Buzzer. Meola introduced her original song “Daydream” by saying that she wrote it when “things were really beautiful” in her life.

However, since Meola revealed her mother had been given a cancer diagnosis, everything had “flipped upside down.” Meola ultimately lost a pre-existing record deal because she ended up taking care of her mother full-time.

Meola admitted her mother had since passed away, saying, “I think maybe it was a bit of a blessing because it gave me some extra time to be there for her.”

America's Got Talent Lily Meola

“She was my biggest supporter,” I said. The judges all praised Meola’s vocals and talent after her moving performance, but it was Klum who was particularly moved.

I’m speechless,” said 49-year-old Klum. “Just about everything about you is radiant. A light is visible around you. I fell in love with you right away.

I’m going to press this Golden Buzzer for you because I really, really like you. It is you!” Despite having every intention of awarding her coveted Golden Buzzer to a different type of performance, Klum tells PEOPLE that she was powerless to resist Meola.

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As she explains, “I was not planning on pushing my Golden Buzzer for a singer coming into this season, as I feel strongly that I need to push for a variety act.”

“I constantly work to highlight individuals who might not receive as much attention as others. I decided that this year, I would persevere until the very end. I’m going to be patient and wait for that unique act, but things always turn out differently.”

She goes on, “My heart was already warmed by Lily’s account of her mother’s death and her struggles with it. Then she began to sing, and something in me said, “She is yours.”

Klum continues, “[My] little heart starts beating faster all of a sudden, and [my] stomach is like, ‘Push the Golden Buzzer!'” “I had to take her under my wing,” said the person.

Given everything Meola had been through, having Heidi Klum take a chance on her meant the world to her. She describes it as “otherworldly” to PEOPLE. “It feels so unique.

It was made a little sweeter for me because I’ve seen a lot of the things she’s been in, and I look up to her and think she’s such an amazing, sweet, beautiful, and kind person.”

Meola thinks her mother was present during her audition and contributed to her winning Klum’s Golden Buzzer. There have been times in my life when I’ve questioned whether I should be doing something.

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Send me a sign, and it’s so unbelievable to me that I really think she was using magic up there, “Meola claims. “She was such a remarkable person.

Even when she was here, she had a special quality. She always knew what to say and do. “Honestly, I feel a little lost without her, but I really felt her there with me that day,” said the man “Adds she.

“I’m sure she’d be super, super stoked,” I said. Meola says she’s eager to take the stage once more and play more original songs at the live shows as the competition progresses.

America's Got Talent Lily Meola

She explains that having cameras, a large audience, and some element of surprise always makes something more exciting. “America is now in charge!” “I enjoy singing, and the show is a talent show.

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I’ve spent my entire life singing, but I’m only recently beginning to write adds she. “But since songwriting is my talent, I’ll stick to my original compositions.

I am aware that, simply because it is new, some people may find that difficult to hear. We’ll see whether it’s an advantage or a disadvantage.”

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