Britney Spears Loves Her New Home, and She Wanted a New Beginning With Sam!

Sam Asghari and Britney Spears are ready for fresh starts. According to a source close to Spears, who recently moved in with her new husband, 28, in the Los Angeles area, the pop star, 40, is extremely pleased with the home.

“Britney enjoys her new home a lot. She chose it together with Sam, “says the insider. “She desired a new beginning with Sam.

She has placed a lot of importance on having a home that she chose on her own, independent of her father [Jamie Spears].” Spears’ long-term conservatorship, which had kept her under her father’s control, was ended in November.

On June 9, the “Toxic” singer wed Asghari, whom she had been dating since 2016. The actress, who recently tied the knot with the actor and fitness trainer at her former Los Angeles home in front of a star-studded wedding, is “very happy” to be married to him.

Britney Spears New House

The source claims that “she still cannot believe she is married.” Britney Spears loves calling Sam Asghari her husband and finds it to be very enjoyable.

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Despite her hectic schedule, Spears appears to be having fun. On June 22, she wrote on Instagram, “Change is so great.”

The star joked that moving to her new house so soon after her wedding was a questionable decision in the post, which was shared along with a pair of bikini selfies.

“Haven’t been on my honeymoon yet … got married and moved into a new house around the same time … not the smartest thing to do … ???????????????????????? … oh well it’s coming together,” she wrote.

Spears continued by claiming that she was still shocked each time she awoke to a completely new environment, including the kitchen, the bed, and the pool.

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“I think I’m in shock !!! Figuring out a couple of things … I definitely like being outside, but I also like being inside too … my yard is sick, so my dogs are in pig heaven ???????????? !!!” she wrote.

The couple has not yet taken their honeymoon, which the source claims will happen next year, but on June 24 they snuck off to Las Vegas for some quality time in Sin City.

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The source claims that Britney has no desire to pursue a career at this time. She doesn’t mind working in the future, but for the moment, all she wants is to have fun.

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