Chris Pratt Has Broken His Silence on Katherine Schwarzenegger Instagram “F*cked Up”

Chris Pratt has broken his silence in response to the criticism that was directed toward a message that he posted in 2021 about his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger.

To jog your memory as quickly as possible, Chris published this Instagram photo in November of the previous year.
“Guys. I’m not kidding.

Take a look at the way she’s staring at me! “He wrote (at least in part), “I mean. Find someone who looks at you like that and commit to them! You are aware!?

We met in church. She has provided me with an incredible life and a beautiful, healthy daughter. However, she chews so loudly that I sometimes have to put my earbuds in to drown out the noise.

However, that is love. She is very helpful to me in all aspects. As a form of reciprocity, from time to time I enjoy cracking open a pickle jar.”

Followers took issue with Chris Pratt praising Katherine for giving him a “gorgeous healthy daughter” while Anna Faris has been open about the health issues that their son faces, so they took issue with Chris’s praise of Katherine.

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In an interview with Men’s Health, Chris provided his first response to the criticism by saying. “I said something along the lines of, ‘Find someone who looks at you the way that my wife looks at me,'” she recalled.

After that, I spit in the thing that she was holding and told her, “But I love you.” I have so much gratitude for my wife because she has blessed me with a lovely and sound daughter.

After that, a number of articles were published in which they said, “That is so cringeworthy.” When Chris Pratt’s first child was born prematurely, I find it hard to believe that he would thank her for giving him a healthy daughter.

That is such a snide remark to make about his ex-wife. And I’m thinking to myself, That’s just messed up. That is a book that one day I’m going to make my son read.

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His age is nine. In addition, it is carved into the digital stone. It really fucked with my head, man. I couldn’t stand it. I felt like crying about it.

I thought to myself, “I hate that the people who are closest to me have to bear the burden of these blessings in my life.”

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In addition to this, he pointed out that “My publicist would be like, ‘I’m sweating, Chris, I’m sweating. What happened to the line about how it’s an honor just to be nominated, and we should just move on with our lives?'”

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