Lindsay Lohan Husband: Is She Married to Financier Bader Shammas?

Lindsay Lohan said to say that she and her boyfriend, Bader Shammas, got married on Friday, and People confirmed that they did get married.

As a way to celebrate her birthday, which is on July 2, she posted a selfie of herself and Shammas smiling. In the caption, she called him her husband.

She wrote, “I am the luckiest woman in the world.” “You found me, and you knew that I wanted to find both happiness and grace.

I can’t believe you’re my husband. My whole life and everything to me. Every day, every woman should feel like this.” In November 2021, Lindsay Lohan shared pictures of herself with Shammas and her ring on social media, along with the caption “My love.

My life. My relatives. My future.” She hasn’t talked much about the relationship in public, but she did talk to Extra host Rachel Lindsay about the wedding plans in February of this year.

Lindsay Lohan Husband

“Are you going to stay out of the way?” Rachel Lindsay was curious. “Are you going to give it your all? I’m not going to call you a bridezilla, that’s for sure.”

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I’m not at all like that,” Lohan said. “I’m less showy. Even on my birthday, I want to make sure everyone else is okay, so I can be okay. So I’ll be like that more.”

She went on, “I’m looking at places to go. I’ve already started talking about the dress with a friend of mine. But I want to do everything right and at the right speed.

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But this is a fun time. “I’m very feminine.” She also said she had a boyfriend on Instagram in February 2020. She posted a group photo from a music festival in Dubai that included Bader Shammas , but then she deleted it.

She wrote in the caption that she had a “lovely night with my sister and my boyfriend bader.”

Who Is the Husband of Lindsay Lohan?

Bader works for Credit Suisse as an assistant vice president and is currently based in Dubai. How awesome, right? He was an associate at BNP Paribas Wealth Management in the past.

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There is no official information on it, but according to several websites, his net worth is between $4 million (Dhs14 million) and $100 million (Dhs367 million).

Bader graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the John H. Sykes College of Business after earning his Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of South Florida in 2010.

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