Jordan Peterson Says He’d Rather Die Than Delete His “Hateful” Tweet About Elliot Page!

Jordan Peterson appears to be leaving Twitter forever after declaring that he “would rather die” than take back the tweet about Elliot Page that led to the suspension of his account.

Peterson’s account was suspended by Twitter last week, according to those close to him, and he had 12 hours to delete a tweet that made reference to the “criminal physician” who removed “Ellen” Page’s breasts and mentioned the time when Pride was a “sin.”

Peterson has now denounced Twitter and addressed the comments he made that led to his exclusion from the service.

The Canadian social media star responded to the situation and reiterated his original statement in a nearly 15-minute video that was posted to his Instagram and YouTube pages.

“Unless I take down the offending tweet, the suspension will not be lifted. And in the video he posted late on Friday, Peterson declared, “I would rather die than do that.

What exactly did I say to cause such a stir? What specifically did I say that caused the ban? Jordan Peterson questioned as he continued to analyze the initial tweet about Page.

Peterson’s daughter Mikhaila posted a screenshot of the original tweet along with the notification her dad got from Twitter.

Peterson meticulously reviewed the Twitter terms and conditions in his response video, pointing out any potential infractions.

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It is undeniably true that I did not encourage or threaten anyone with violence in my missive, he asserted. The arguably lesser sin of harassing is now left.

Since Twitter did not do me the favor of actually identifying my crime, let’s assume that I was harassed further based on so-called “Gender Identity” since I was not informed that that was the crime.

He vented his anger on Twitter, asking users to specify which rules he had broken: “What rules you sons of bitches? Exactly? Precisely? Because they are significant when accusations begin to fly.

He dissected the first sentence of his claim, alluding to a period when “pride” was considered a sin. “I don’t think of pride as a virtue; historically, people have thought of it as a sin.

I don’t think having a particular sexual orientation or sexual desire is something to be proud of or to celebrate. Therefore, what I said was just a fact.

Despite his admission, he was “probably not the reason” he was barred from Twitter. Then, he confesses to having “dead-named” Elliot Page, an “appalling censorious” crime.

Page, formerly known as Ellen before coming out as transgender in December 2020, has gone by the name Elliot ever since.

Peterson continues by elaborating on his decision to refer to Elliot using the pronoun “her” rather than “he” or “they.”

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He suggested that in order to describe her mastectomy, he should use Elliot’s former pronouns. Without using the proper six link pronouns.

Peterson went on to discuss his objections to the notion of transgender people and how it might influence young people to see public figures transgender.

He also made reference to the “criminal doctor” who operated on Page and removed their breasts, drawing comparisons to “fascist doctors” who carried out “Nazi medical experiments.”

Additionally, he cited the Hippocratic Oath’s prohibition against doing harm to patients. On Twitter, he also vented his rage at “woke moralists.”

He declared, “I’m not removing that tweet or admitting that my tweet broke the Twitter rules. Up yours, moral relativists. We’ll watch to see who cancels.

Jordan Peterson Hateful Tweet

Twitter is a rathole in the end, he said in his conclusion. And while I was attempting to use, comprehend, and master that awful, toxic platform, I’m sure I contributed to it.

Undoubtedly, I should apologize, and I’m trying to improve, but in a real sense, being banned is a relief. And I considered it an honorable badge under the circumstances.

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Millions of people have watched Peterson’s video on his social media platforms, and thousands of them have left supportive comments for him. Elliot Page hasn’t made a public statement about the situation yet. Page and Peterson have each been contacted by Newsweek for additional comment.

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