Emily Ratajkowski Shared a Photo on Instagram of Herself Wearing a Corset!

Emily Ratajkowski shared a seductive photo and a brief video clip on her Instagram account on Saturday from the interior of a vehicle.

However, she was just wearing a corset and pants at the time of the post. Fans are not upset about Emily Ratajkowski’s decision to wear a corset on its own without anything else on top.

Typically, corsets like this one are worn underneath other items of clothing. However, Emily Ratajkowski decided to shake things up by wearing the corset on its own.

The model seemed self-assured and at ease with her wardrobe choice, and she took a time to tease the camera with her carefree and out-there choice of clothing.

The corset was a pale color and had ribbing running down the middle of the front part. The upper portion of the corset was constructed out of more delicate materials.


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It had rushing that went from the side towards the center, and it had a section in the middle that plunged. There was a single button that snapped on in the middle of the corset.

And it was attached to the corset with a string that was very straightforward and had plenty of slack left over. During the time that Ratajkowski was filming herself in the backseat of a car, it hung in a carefree and amusing manner.

Her hair was styled in a sloppy bun that draped freely around her shoulders, and she accessorized it with bare-faced, extremely natural-looking makeup that went beautifully with the skin-colored corset.


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A post shared by Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata)

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Her post simply stated “omw,” and she provided no other details to the 29.4 people who follow her on Instagram regarding the location to which she was travelling.

Ratajkowski may not have known where she was going, but one thing was for certain: she was going there in her bra and underwear as her official outerwear.

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And she had the full backing of her fans for making such a daring fashion statement.

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