Purple Hearts Release Date, Cast, Synopsis, Trailer and More

This summer, Netflix might have the next great love story. Here is what you need to know about Purple Hearts before you can stream it.


The romantic drama film Purple Hearts with Sofia Carson will be on Netflix at some point this year, and we’ve been keeping track of all the important details about it.

The movie Purple Hearts is based on Tess Wakefield’s 2017 book of the same name.

 Purple Hearts Release Date

Kyle Jarrow and Liz Garcia wrote the screenplay for Dead to Me, which was directed by Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum.

The movie was made by Alloy Entertainment’s Elysa Koplovitz Dutton and Leslie Morgenstein, and Carson, Rosenbaum, Amy Baer, Hugh Grumbar, and Tim Haslam signed on as executive producers.

Purple Hearts release date

Netflix recently revealed that Purple Hearts would premiere on the streaming platform on July 29 according to Collider.

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Purple Hearts Streaming

Purple Heart movie streaming on Netlfix.

The Plot

The summary that Netflix gives gives viewers an idea of what to expect. Cassie and Luke only get married because they want the benefits that come with being in the US military. It’s not clear what they each need the benefits for, though.

Purple Hearts release date, cast, synopsis, teaser and more

Even though Cassie, a struggling singer-songwriter, and Luke, a troubled marine, are very different, they agree to get married for the military benefits. But when bad things happen, the difference between real and fake starts to blur.

Cassie was just told she has diabetes, which has made her daily costs go through the roof. As a bartender trying to make it in the music business, she can’t pay the medical debt she now has because of her recent diagnosis.

She asked her friend Frankie, who is in the Army, to marry her so she could get health insurance to cover the costs of her diabetes. They can share the raise he will get when he gets married and joins the military.

Sofia Carson Falls in Love with a Marine in Trailer for Purple Hearts | wzuz.com

When he says “no,” his friend Luke offers to go instead. It’s not clear how he will benefit from their marriage, but it’s said that he wants to be married “desperately.” Like in a lot of movies like this, what starts out as a fake marriage that the two are trying to sell turns out to be a real one.

Depending on Luke’s reasons, the movie could talk about a number of issues that are still very important and relevant today. Diabetes medicine and supplies are getting more and more expensive, so people have to limit how much insulin they take. This puts them at risk for a number of complications related to diabetes.

As a bartender, Cassie probably doesn’t have health insurance, or if she does, it isn’t enough to cover her current medical bills.

Luke may benefit from the marriage for a variety of reasons, from “silly” things like his parents bugging him about having a girlfriend to needing the extra money from the military to pay for something.

The synopsis from Production Weekly says that the character is “frustratingly intense,” which could give you a hint as to why the situation would help him. If something in his life is making him act that way, getting married might help.

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Purple Hearts cast

Sofia Carson leads the cast as Cassie.

The complete cast list  is right below:

  • Sofia Carson as Cassie
  • Kat Cunning
  • Nicholas Galitzine as Luke
  • Chosen Jacobs
  • John Harlan Kim
  • Anthony Ippolito

Sofia Carson Falls in Love with a Marine — After They Wed — in Touching Trailer for Purple Hearts

Justin Tranter wrote and produced the film’s original songs, and Carson co-wrote and performed the Purple Hearts soundtrack.

Other cast members playing named characters, as listed include Breana Raquel (SEAL Team) as Riley, Sarah Rich as Hailey, Kendall Chappell as Mila, Nicholas Duvernay (Tyler Perry’s Assisted Living) as Armando, and Kaitlin Huwe as Kylie. Additional cast includes Anthony Ippolito (The Offer), Linden Ashby (Teen WolfArmy Wives), John Harlan Kim (9-1-1Nancy Drew), Chosen Jacobs (Hawaii Five-0It Chapter Two), Kat Cunning (Marry Me), Scott Deckert (Venom), Leroy Edwards III (General Hospital), Rand Guerrero, Josh Cruze (Bullet Train), and Sean Berube.

Purple Hearts Trailer

On June 21, Purple Hearts got a sneak peek on Netflix.


Sofia Carson, who plays the main character, wrote and sang some of the songs on the soundtrack.

A teaser for the movie that Netflix posted on June 21 showed one of the songs Carson wrote for the movie for the first time. When the movie comes out, you’ll be able to listen to “Come Back Home.”

The song seems to be about how hard it is to have a loved one away from home and the hope that they will come back. In the teaser, Cassie sings it to Luke while he is with his other service people at a computer cafe.

Blurring the Line Between Real and Pretend, What Is 'Purple Hearts' All About? - wzuz.com

People gather around the small building to hear Cassie’s song through the windows as he turns up the volume. It gets positive responses from the group.

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