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The Businessman Reveals on Social Media That Lalit Modi is Dating Sushmita Sen!

Lalit Modi and Sushmita Sen Are Dating

In order to confirm that he is dating Sushmita Sen, businessman Lalit Modi did not just proclaim their relationship by posting new images of themselves together on social media.

Additionally, the message included pictures that detailed the progression of their friendship through the years. The actor has not provided a response yet.

According to a report in the Mumbai Mirror, the two were seen together in Italy back in 2010. They were first seen together in Florence, and then again at a store in Rome, before being witnessed in another public place in Rome together.

Even though Lalit’s site didn’t appear to have any pictures from that trip, it did have pictures of him and Sushmita attending a variety of IPL-related events over the years.

In point of fact, one of his old tweets from 2013 has been found again on the internet. Disgraced IPL founder Lalit Modi posted a tweet in which he begged Sushmita to respond to his “SMS.”

It should come as no surprise that this has sparked a meme frenzy on social media. The tweet discussion began when Sushmita asked her followers if they would be rooting for her during an Indian Premier League match.

Lalit’s response was, “You always.” Sushmita responded to his advances by flirting with her and asking, “Excellent pick, but only tonight?

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On Thursday, Lalit Modi announced to the world via Twitter and Instagram that he is in a relationship with Sushmita.

He did this by shouting it from the rooftops. He referred to her as his “better half” and expressed his excitement about starting a new chapter in his life, saying that he was “over the moon.

In a subsequent tweet, he elucidated the fact that they are only dating, but stated that he has every intention of getting married to Sushmita in the near future.

Both ETimes and India Today have reported that Sushmita’s brother has stated that he was unaware that his sister was dating Lalit Modi and that he will soon have a conversation with her about the matter.

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He stated that he will stop from commenting on the matter until Sushmita herself confirms the relationship, which she has not done as of now.

He claimed that he will keep from commenting on the matter. Sushmita Sen dated the model Rohman Shawl in the past, however they ended their relationship in the year 2020.

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They are still good friends, and they were seen out and about together just a few short weeks ago.

In the Instagram post that she published in 2021 to announce the couple’s breakup, she stated that they continue to maintain amicable relations with one another.

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