After Eight Years of Marriage, Kate Bosworth Files for Divorce From Her Husband, Michael Polish

After eight years of marriage, Kate Bosworth recently submitted paperwork to begin the divorce process with her husband, Michael Polish.

According to legal records that were obtained by The Blast, the star of “Blue Crush” put a stop to her marriage by initiating divorce proceedings in the Los Angeles County Courts.

The actress explained the breakup by citing “irreconcilable issues” as the reason for the split. After the exes made public their decision to end their relationship about a year ago by releasing a statement on social media, it was only natural that many people anticipated this one coming.

Bosworth is the step-mother of Michael’s daughter, whom he had from a previous marriage. The ex-couple does not have any children together, but Bosworth is the biological mother of Michael’s daughter.

Kate Bosworth addressed the issue on her Instagram account, where she wrote on the ups and downs of being in a committed relationship, writing, “When it comes to love, the beginning is frequently the most beautiful phase.

Kate Bosworth Files for Divorce

The attraction is brought on by fireworks, magnets, and defiance. The beginning ushers in an era of limitless opportunities and prospects.

If you’re in the process of falling in love with someone, you might as well split a burger with them, so you can go out knowing you had a good meal before you die.

Invest in a bottle of whiskey and invite some friends over for shots; prepare a waterfall for me. Play that one song on the jukebox that’s just right, and dance with someone who feels like an old friend even if you just met them a few minutes ago.”

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Adding, “Instinctually, we worry that something will come to an end, and that we will have to give up something precious since we finally achieved our goal.

To have an expectation that something will turn out a certain way. The vast realm of Mystery. What if we made the decision not to be afraid, but to love one another instead?

If the most fragile and sensitive final flicker to the flame were to become a completely different kind of furnace, what would happen? It’s possible that this will strike some people as odd, while others will find it lovely.

This is the truth, in our view.” She continued her speech by saying, “We are prepared for the calls at four in the morning.

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Songs will be traded with one another so that just the capabilities of songs are communicated. Laughter fills the room as we discuss ideas for our upcoming joint project, and we can’t wait to show off our most recent joint effort.

We think that the love stories that defy expectations are the most spectacular ones. The opportunity to experience love in this way has been the greatest blessing of our lives, and we will never stop being amazed by the progression of love’s aesthetic.

Kate Bosworth Files for Divorce

What happens when we get to the conclusion of something, only to learn that we are only at the beginning of something else? That is what love is. And we will put that into our systems.”

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The Polish government has not provided a response to the legal filing at this time. As you are aware, Kate has been in two high-profile romances in the past, namely with Justin Long and Orlando Bloom.

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