Chelsea Handler Announces the End of Her Relationship With Jo Koy After a Year of Dating!

A few days short of their one-year wedding anniversary, Chelsea Handler and Jo Koy are divorcing. On Monday, Handler announced the couple’s surprise separation on Instagram.

Handler said that she and Koy were taking a “pause” from their relationship for the time being while sharing a reel the couple prepared to commemorate one year of dating.

“Jo and I recorded this video early in anticipation of celebrating our first year together, but as many of you have noticed, it is with a heavy heart to announce that we have jointly decided that it is best for us to take a break from our relationship at this time,” Chelsea Handler wrote alongside the clip that showed off their flirtatious relationship.

“I wanted to tell you how much it meant to both of us that so many of you cared about our relationship. How much meaning it still has. And how strongly I now think that there is love for each of us.”

Chelsea HandlerBreakup With Jo Koy

Even though they are ending their relationship, Handler claimed that her time spent with Koy had transformed her life “forever” and referred to having Koy’s affection as “one of the greatest blessings” she had ever had.

“My experience of life has been irrevocably altered as a result of the way this man broke open my heart with love. One of the greatest gifts of my life has been being adored and loved by @jokoy.

He restored my faith in people, in love, and in being completely myself, and I’ve never felt more hopeful about the future “In the future,” she added.

The humorous woman, 47, continued by addressing Koy directly, congratulating him and highlighting his impending endeavor while urging her followers to support the two of them.

Jo, you ignited my imagination, my desire to work hard once more, my want to travel once more, and you reminded me of who I was and always have been.

As a result, Handler said, “My feet have never been more securely rooted in the ground.” “This is not the conclusion. It gives me comfort to know that I am still loved and that I still adore this man in the same manner that the sun and moon do.

It’s a new beginning. ONE OF YOU IS DEPARTING.” Adding, “You never know what life will bring, so please continue to support us both.

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Let’s start by all attending the movies on August 5 to see Jo’s newest film EASTER SUNDAY and Filipino PRIDE! Move along!”

The couple split up just over a month after Handler wrote a heartfelt birthday message to Koy, 51, telling her followers that the actor and comedian checked all the boxes for what she was looking for in a partner.

When Handler posted on Instagram in September that she had fallen in love with Koy, she was confirming their relationship.


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She wrote in the caption of her Instagram image, “Just sitting here in Mallorca thinking about how happy I am to have so many people I love in my life, to live the life I do, and to be going on tour doing what I love.

And that I’ve found the perfect kind of guy to fall in love with, she added. “Everyone can still have hope! That sort of thing.”

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A few weeks later, Handler discussed how her 18-year friendship with Koy developed into something more on her show. When the two met shortly before the COVID-19 outbreak, Koy requested Handler to write a blurb for his book, Mixed Plate.

They began communicating regularly via text, FaceTime, and even hanging out. They made the decision to have supper together after four months apart. Let’s go to supper, we said as soon as we were both back in Los Angeles, Koy recalled.

The two began spending a lot of time together after that, and Handler claimed that things developed “organically.” But she didn’t notice anything was off about her and her longtime buddy until Handler returned to the stage during a performance in Las Vegas.

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Following their return to Los Angeles, the couple spent a lot of time together. Koy travelled with the host of the Dear Chelsea podcast on her comedy tour and accompanied her to the 2022 Grammy Awards, among other things.

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