Ryan Gosling Received an Universe’s Indication to Play Ken in the Cinematic Adaptation of Barbie!

Ryan Gosling has found a way to convert every press conference into an occasion to wax poetic about his upcoming part as the plastic boy-toy Ken in Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie.”

Although the release of the film is still a year away, Gosling has found a way to make this happen. Gosling was eager (maybe more like “Ken-ergetic”) to explain the never-before-heard story of how his casting as Ken was ultimately predetermined during an appearance he made this week on “The Tonight Show.”

Gosling claims that filmmaker Gerwig approached him quite some time ago with the possibility of playing the role of Ken.

He informed the host, Jimmy Fallon, that the script was the greatest… he’d ever read,” but he wanted to take a time and think about the decision while he was outside in the fresh air.

Ryan Gosling Received a Sign From Barbie Film

When he strolled into his backyard, he found a “squished lemon” next to an otherwise unharmed and shirtless Ken doll that was face down in the mud.

Ryan Gosling said the doll was in perfect condition. The future Ken took a picture of the moving image, which may or may not have been a sign from the cosmos, and he sent it to Gerwig via text message.

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“I responded by saying, “I will be your Ken.” Because his tale absolutely needs to be told “Fallon was recounted by Gosling.

And despite the fact that production on the movie just wrapped up, Gosling has not stopped making references to his well-loved Mattel character wherever he goes. This includes when he is promoting other projects of his own, and he defends Ken vehemently against critics.

“I was astonished to see how some people were acting like they were clutching their pearls about my Ken, as if they had ever thought about Ken for even a second before this!” Gosling remarked while making a furious, accusatory gesture with his finger.

They never, never engaged in play with Ken! The topic of discussion then shifted to one that was pessimistic and existential in nature when Gosling bemoaned, “Man, nobody plays with Ken.”

“He’s just an accessory, and he’s not even a cool one,” the speaker said. Gosling had, in the past, given some thought to the shortcomings of Ken’s life, which, on the surface, appears to be rather comfortable.

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During an interview that took place earlier this month with Entertainment Tonight, Ryan Gosling stated that life in plastic is significantly more challenging than the life of the fictional mercenary that he portrays in “The Gray Man” on Netflix.

In a previous interview, Gosling was quoted as saying, “Ken doesn’t have any money, he doesn’t have a job, he doesn’t have a car, and he doesn’t have a house.”

“He’s dealing with a lot of issues right now.” Gosling’s heartbreaking portrayals of Ken make it sound like the next “Barbie” film will not be quite as much fun as Fallon was assured it would be by Gosling this week.

“Those are merely facts about Ken; they have nothing to do with the plot,” he explained further. “Those are not plot specifics.” “That pretty much sums up Ken’s life.”

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We can only hope that Gosling will continue to talk about Ken in each one of his interviews for the foreseeable future until “Barbie” is released in theaters in July 2023.

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