Britney Spears Will Not Be Required to Take Depositions in Her Continuing Legal Dispute With Her Father!

Britney Spears will not be required to give a deposition in the ongoing legal dispute between her and her father Jamie Spears, according to a ruling handed down by a judge in California on Wednesday, which was announced by Britney Spears’ attorney, Mathew Rosengart.

Rosengart stated outside the courthouse that the singer’s father will also be required to submit any documents sought and present for a deposition, and he referred to this process as “it.” “Britney has had yet another day filled with success.

“Britney was granted her freedom in November of last year, and as many of you are aware, particularly in light of recent events, Britney Spears is moving on with her life,” Rosengart stated, referring to the celebrity’s recent marriage as an example of how she is moving on with her life.

“She is eager to put this chapter of her life behind her. Despite this, the man who is her father and her flesh and blood is opposed to this idea.” CNN has attempted to contact Jamie Spears’ attorney in order to obtain a statement from them regarding the ruling.

Britney Spear's Legal Battle With Her Father

According to a statement that Rosengart provided to CNN, “We hope that (Jamie Spears) will accept his losses and simply move on and leave his daughter alone.”

That is the behavior that one would expect from any respectable father or any decent man. A conservatorship that had been ordered by the court over the Grammy winner for the previous 13 years was finally lifted in November of this year.

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Since the beginning of her conservatorship in 2008, Spears’ father has served as a co-conservator alongside her. Because of this, he was in charge of her finances and, at various stages, the decisions regarding her medical care.

The two parties squared off against one another in court on multiple occasions in the previous year, with the tension between them reaching a boiling point during two emotional testimonies delivered by the singer, in which she begged the judge to end the conservatorship and described it as “abusive.”

Spears has stated that she believes she was coerced into performing, that she was not given any privacy, and that she was compelled against her will to use birth control and take medication.

Rosengart also took a moment to speak on behalf of AB 1663, a California bill that would amend rules for the conservatorships process.

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Speaking outside of court on Wednesday, Rosengart said that while Spears shined a light on this issue,” it is now “beyond Britney.” AB 1663 is a bill that would amend rules for the conservatorships process in California.

The bill is currently being considered by the state legislature as it makes its way through the process.
Rosengart said this as he was surrounded by those who supported the initiative.

“This is not about Britney; this is beyond Britney,” he said. “There are a significant number of people in the country as well as in the state who are not free and who are held in abusive conservatorships against their will.

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To that end, I look forward to collaborating with legislators in both California and the District of Columbia on this matter.”

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