Neil Patrick Harris Has a Relationship That Will Last a Lifetime His Love for David Burtka!

Neil Patrick Harris has a relationship that will last a lifetime, but he can’t say the same for all the people he’s portrayed on screen.

The star of Uncoupled, who has been in a relationship with David Burtka, 47, for the past 18 years and got married to him in 2014, discussed how the couple’s long-term partnership has impacted his perspective on dating.

Harris, who is 49 years old, shared the following story with Entertainment Tonight on the red carpet at the opening of the Netflix show: “David and I started dating, and we never stopped, so, in an unusual sense, it’s all I’ve known.”

Neil Patrick Harris Newly Uncoupled

“I didn’t come out till later. I did not actually date numerous unrelated individuals. I wasn’t around during the Grindr, swipe left or right, era; however, I ended up falling head over heels for this guy, and he ended up being into me.

We started living together pretty quickly, and we now have children who are 11 years old named Harper and Gideon. We are still going strong as a couple today.”

Neil Patrick Harris‘ experience playing the role of Michael Lawson on Uncoupled, a man who finds himself freshly single after the termination of a long-term relationship, encouraged him to think about life as a singleton.

And despite the fact that Harris’s off-screen love story has continued for a significant amount of time, the alum of How I Met Your Mother told PEOPLE at Wednesday’s premiere that he admires the series for the sincerity with which it treats modern relationships.

Harris praised Netflix for being able to portray a narrative about a breakup that involves an openly same-sex relationship that lasted for 17 years. “I commend Netflix for being able to tell this story,” she added.

“It does not have a sleazy vibe about it. It has the sensation of being genuine, and it makes it possible for others, despite differences in their own experiences, to connect with the idea of being dumped.”


He went on to explain, “My gosh, everyone who starts dating someone is wondering when they’re going to say that they love each other, or whether we should live together; it’s like a chaotic and unstable state.

Neil Patrick Harris Newly Uncoupled

Because of this, we are able to communicate this information in a single story in a manner that is, in my opinion, highly accessible to everybody.”

Regarding the nature of his own relationship with Burtka, Harris has stated, “That’s my solitary tale, I don’t know anything different,” he said in an interview with ET. “And that makes me extremely happy. I am really thankful to you.”

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