Tom Delonge of Blink-182 Hints That He Has Rejoined the Band!

Tom DeLonge has dropped hints that he may rejoin Blink-182 following the band’s replacement. Matt Skiba has acknowledged that he does not know if he will continue to be a member of the band.

Following Tom’s second departure from the band in 2015, the frontman of Alkaline Trio, who is 46 years old, began touring with pop-punk veterans Mark Hoppus, 50, and Travis Barker, who is also 46 years old.

In the same year, Tom left the band for the second time. He continued to be a member of the band and contributed to the recording of two albums with them (‘California’ in 2016 and ‘Nine’ in 2019).

Despite this, he did not make an appearance on their song from 2020 titled “Quarantine,” which was published in the midst of the pandemic.

And when a fan on Instagram commented on Matt’s selfie with “no blink content” and “the Blink guys don’t publish pictures with Matt” last month, he responded to the user by saying, “Your guess is as good as mine.”

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Regardless, I look back on my time with Blink 182 with a great deal of pride and gratitude. What will happen next? After that, throughout the course of the weekend, followers with sharp eyes observed that Tom had altered his bio on Instagram to include the following: “I make music (@blink182 and @angelsandairwaves…).

Tom Delonge of Blink-182 Hints That He Has Rejoined the Band!

In addition to that, he uploaded a monochrome picture of the ‘Feeling This’ band members and merely tagged them in the photo’s caption.

The adjustments to his socials occurred shortly after it was reported that a Blink Funko Pop! The collection would include Tom, the band’s former co-frontman.

The musician has been very vocal about his wish to perform with the band again at some point in the not too distant future. In addition, Mark stated the year before that he was not opposed to the concept.

He stated, “We haven’t really talked about that, but I’m open to anything in the future.” (We haven’t really talked about that.) When there are four of us involved, I’m not sure how well it would work.

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So, you mean to tell me that we’re going to continue sharing the same house?” In 2021, the frontman for Angels and Airwaves, Tom, disclosed he had begun the process of healing his relationship with Mark when the latter was diagnosed with cancer.

Tom DeLonge said: It’s a mystery how the universe operates, since the reason I reached out to Mark was because I needed him to sign a piece of paper related to my divorce.

However, the way the universe operates is bizarre. It was only after receiving that call that I found out he had cancer. And he shared the news with me over the phone.

I was like, ‘Wait, what?’ And we weren’t really communicating all that much at all—maybe once every couple of months, just a few texts here and there—but it felt like we were.

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But things have changed, and we now communicate many times each day. It appears as though we have been able to completely mend that bond and get down to the core of whom each of us is as individuals as well as the purpose of all of this.

After enduring treatment for an aggressive form of lymphoma, the singer was given the all-clear from cancer in September 2021.

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