Are Halloween’s Ends going to be on Peacock?

The upcoming American slasher movie Halloween Ends was written by David Gordon Green, Danny McBride, Paul Brad Logan, and Chris Bernier.

It is the sequel to Halloween Kills from 2021 and the thirteenth movie in the Halloween series. In the movie, Jamie Lee Curtis, James Jude Courtney, Andi Matichak, Will Patton, and Kyle Richards will all play the same roles they played in the previous movies.

In June 2018, before Halloween came out, McBride confirmed that he and Green had planned to pitch two films that would be shot back-to-back, but they decided against it because they wanted to see how the first film did first.

The title of the movie was announced in July 2019, along with the title Halloween Kills. The movie will be made by Rough House Productions, Miramax, Trancas International Pictures, and Jason Blum’s Blumhouse Productions.

What is the Halloween Ends plot?

We’ve alluded to it a few times already, but the main point of Halloween Ends is that Michael Myers and Laurie Strode are going to end their longtime rivalry, probably with only one of them left standing.

But the official synopsis of the movie gives a bit more background for this final showdown:

Four years after the events of Halloween Kills, Laurie is living with her granddaughter Allyson and finishing her memoir. Michael Myers hasn’t been seen since.

After letting the ghost of Michael control and shape her life for decades, Laurie has decided to let go of her fear and anger and embrace life.

But when Corey Cunningham, a young man who was babysitting a boy, is accused of killing the boy, it sets off a chain of violence and terror that forces Laurie to finally face the evil she can’t control, once and for all.



In June 2018, Danny McBride said that he and David Gordon Green had initially planned to present two movies that would be filmed concurrently but changed their minds after waiting to see how the first movie did:

If the film is successful, we will make a sequel, producer Jason Blum stated in September 2018. McBride said that early work on a sequel has started in October 2018, after the movie’s opening weekend.

With the then-untitled Halloween Kills and the third movie in production, Bloody Disgusting revealed in July 2019 that filmmaker Green will be returning.

Halloween Kills co-writer Scott Teems’ participation was confirmed, while Halloween Ends co-writers Chris Bernier and Paul Brad Logan were disclosed.

That same month, it was reported that Judy Greer and Andi Matichak will return to the roles of Karen and Allyson. Again serving as executive producers were John Carpenter, Curtis, Green, and McBride. Blum, Malek Akkad, and Bill Block were supposed to direct the movie.

Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends were both postponed by Universal Pictures because of the COVID-19 epidemic. Green announced in October 2021 that the events of Halloween Kills would occur four years later in Halloween Ends, which will also have references to the pandemic in the narrative.

The following month, in an interview, Curtis said that the movie would be “startling” and “get people extremely upset.” Green dubbed it a coming-of-age narrative and promised a more personal movie, similar to Carpenter’s Christine. Akkad said the movie would be more “contained” than the last one.


Kyle Richards would be playing the same character in the movie, it was announced in December 2021. Originally, it was not anticipated that the character would return; however, after receiving favorable reviews for her performance, Richards’ part was enlarged in the final version of the screenplay. Michael O’Leary became a part of the cast the following month.


The “tight schedule” prevented Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends from being filmed together as originally intended. Blum announced in March 2020 that summertime shooting will occur.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, filming was somewhat delayed. Wilmington, North Carolina, was slated to host production in 2021. Courtney announced in August 2021 that the shooting will start on January 10, 2022.

However, under the working title Cave Dweller, the shooting got underway on January 19, 2022, in Savannah, Georgia.

On January 25, Curtis started shooting her sequences. Additionally, Sylvania served as the backdrop for shooting locations.

A major location for filming, on top of the viaduct along the roadway and below the viaduct along the railway, was the viaduct on West Ogeechee Street between Huddle House and downtown Sylvania, according to photos circulating on social media and casting calls for extras held at Little Dipper Coffee and Ice Cream.

The Savannah Film Commission oversaw the local filming. Residents like Sheryl Hopkins say it’s just amazing for their tiny town to be included in one of the most famous horror tales in film.

A Cast of Halloween Ends

Jamie Lee Curtis plays Laurie Strode, a survivor of Michael Myers’ 1978 killing spree who has post-traumatic stress disorder and is an alcoholic. She is also Allyson’s grandmother.

Andi Matichak plays Allyson Nelson, Laurie’s granddaughter who goes up against Michael.

James Jude Courtney plays Michael Myers/The Shape, the masked figure who killed a lot of people on Halloween in 1978 and comes back to Haddonfield to kill more people.

Nick Castle is also back as Myers, continuing from 2018’s Halloween and Kills.

Will Patton plays Deputy Frank Hawkins, a sheriff’s deputy who arrested Michael after his first killing spree in 1978. Patton plays the same character he did in the previous two movies.

Rohan Campbell plays Corey Cunningham, the boy accused of killing a child he was watching, as well as Allyson’s new boyfriend.

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Kyle Richards plays Lindsey Wallace, one of the children Laurie babysat in 1978, who helps Laurie and Allyson find him. Richards plays the same character she did in 1978 original and in Halloween Kills.

Halloween Ends – Official Trailer

Will Halloween Ends Be on Peacock?

There is no indication that Halloween Ends will be published on Peacock at the same time as Halloween Kills, which was concurrently released in cinemas and on Peacock.

But once its theatrical window ends, you’ll probably be able to watch it on the platform.

Release Date of Halloween Ends

Halloween Ends is slated on October 14, 2022. It was originally scheduled to debut on October 15, 2021, but the COVID-19 pandemic caused that date to be postponed. 45 days after its theatrical release, Peacock will offer the movie for streaming.

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