Mira Sorvino Net Worth: How Much Does She Have in Her Bank Account?

Mira Katherine Sorvino is an actress from America. She began her acting career in the early 1990s and rose to prominence with her 1995 performance in the Woody Allen picture Mighty Aphrodite.

She won the Academy Award and Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress for her performance as Linda Ash in this vcomedy picture, for which she was nominated.

Sorvino became the most prominent actress in the film business as a result of her participation in a number of popular films.

Popular U.S. publication People Magazine included her on their 1996 list of the “50 Most Beautiful People In The World.” Mira made her cinematic debut in the 1985 picture The Stuff, in which she portrayed a plant worker without being credited.

After completing her studies at Harvard, she proceeded to pursue her acting career. After acting in multiple films as an actor, she began working as a producer and has been nominated for various awards over the course of three decades, including the Primetime Emmy Award, the BAFTA, and others.

Net Worth: $16 Million
Date of Birth: Sep 28, 1967 (54 years old)
Gender: Female
Height: 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)
Profession: Actor, Film Producer
Nationality: United States of America

Early Life of Mira Sorvino

Mira Katherine Sorvino was born on September 28, 1967, in Manhattan, New York City. Her family is well-established, and all of them have worked in the entertainment sector.

Mira Sorvino Net Worth

Mira Sorvino father was an actor, director, sculptor, and entrepreneur, while her mother was an actress, activist, and Therapist for Alzheimer’s Patients.

Sorvino grew up alongside Amanda and Michael, two younger siblings. Both of her siblings are pursuing professions in the film industry as actors. She has Welsh ancestry through her mother and Italian ancestry through her father.

Cinematic Breakthroughs

Sorvino had her breakthrough year in 1995 after appearing in Whit Stillman’s “Barcelona” and Robert Redford’s “Quiz Show.”

She starred in “Sweet Nothing,” “Blue in the Face,” and the Woody Allen comedy “Mighty Aphrodite,” among other movies.

Sorvino received both the Golden Globe and the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her portrayal of effervescent prostitute Linda Ash. She then appeared in the drama “Tarantella” and the romantic dramedy “Beautiful Girls.”

In 1997, Sorvino had yet another successful year as the lead in the comedies “Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion” with Lisa Kudrow and “Mimic” with Jeremy Northam and Josh Brolin.

In “The Replacement Killers,” “Lulu on the Bridge,” “Too Tired to Die,” “At First Sight,” and Spike Lee’s “Summer of Sam,” he went on to play the lead.

Additional Film Career

Sorvino appeared in movies like “The Grey Zone,” “Triumph of Love,” “WiseGirls,” “Between Strangers,” and “The Final Cut” in the early 2000s.

She appeared in “Reservation Road,” “Like Dandelion Dust,” and “Attack on Leningrad” later in the decade. Both the drama “Multiple Sarcasms” and the horror movie “The Presence” starred Sorvino in 2010.

The following films she appeared in include “Angels Crest,” “Union Square,” “The Trouble with Cali,” “Smitty,” “Trade of Innocents,” “Space Warriors,” “Perfect Sisters,” “Quitters,” “Do You Believe?” and “Chloe and Theo.” On the big screen, Sorvino has kept up his prolific production rate.

The drama “Butter,” the criminal drama “The Red Maple Leaf,” the survival drama “6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain,” the psychological horror movie “Look Away,” the Netflix thriller “Beneath the Leaves,” and the dramedy “Most Guys Are Losers” are a few of her other prominent roles.

The movies “Hero Mode,” “Crime Story,” “After We Fell,” and “Sound of Freedom” were among the six in which Sorvino starred in 2021.

Career in Television

After acting in “Parallel Lives” for television and the BBC miniseries “The Buccaneers,” Sorvino delivered one of her most lauded performances in “Norma Jean & Marilyn,” an HBO television movie from 1996.

She was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series or Movie for her portrayal of Marilyn Monroe.

Later, in 2000, Sorvino portrayed Daisy Buchanan in a “The Great Gatsby” television movie adaption. Later, in 2003, she had an appearance in an episode of “Will & Grace,” and in 2005, she made an appearance in the miniseries “Human Trafficking.”

In the later show, opposite Donald Sutherland’s Agent Bill Meehan, Sorvino portrayed Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent Kate Morozov.

Mira Sorvino Net Worth

For their performances, both actors were nominated for Golden Globes. Sorvino appeared in “House” and the television movie “The Last Templar” in the late 2000s.

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Later in 2014, she had another recurring part in seasons four and five of the post-apocalyptic science-fiction series “Falling Skies,” had a lead role on the brief drama series “Intruders,” and had a recurring role on the detective series “Psych.”

In the years thereafter, Sorvino has starred in a number of noteworthy projects, including “Stalker,” “Lady Dynamite,” “Condor,” “StartUp,” “Modern Family,” and “Hollywood.” She has also appeared in the TV shows “Shining Vale” and “Impeachment: American Crime Story.”

Mira Sorvino’s Net Worth

Mira Sorvina is one of the highest-paid actresses, with an estimated net worth of $16 million as of 2022.

She made the majority of her income in the early 1990s thanks to her roles in a number of hugely successful films. According to some reports, Sorvino makes about $3 million every picture, and the actress has made a respectable sum through her work in movies and television shows.

It is obvious that her acting fees and her work as a producer are the primary sources of her income. After portraying the enormous part of Linda Ash in Woody Allen’s Mighty Aphrodite in 1995, Sorvino initially gained notoriety.

She has since appeared in many high-profile movies. Her income also comes from television advertising and brand endorsements.

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Along with her father Paul Sorvino, she originally contributed her vocals to the Nivea Lotion commercial before endorsing Diabetes Co-Stars.

Advocacy and Personal Life

Sorvino dated filmmaker Quentin Tarantino from 1996 until 1998. She later began dating actor Christopher Backus in 2003, whom she married in 2004.

The couple has four children together, two daughters and two sons. Los Angeles, California is home to the family. Sorvino has been active with Amnesty International as a political advocate since 2004. She received the group’s Artist of Conscience Award in 2006 for her charity efforts.

Mira Sorvino Net Worth

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In addition, from 2009 to 2012, Sorvino served as a UN Goodwill Ambassador to Combat Human Trafficking, lobbying Congress to end human trafficking in Darfur, Sudan. In 2017, Sorvino was one of many women who openly spoke out against producer Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment.

Some Interesting Facts About Mira Sorvino

  • Mira Sorvino is fluent in English, Mandarin Chinese, and French, and she learnt Chinese during her six months in Beijing.
  • Mira, together with 16 other friends, founded the Harvard-Radcliffe Veritones, a co-ed A Cappella group, in 1985.
  • Her mother pushed her to start writing and performing in the garden with her childhood friend Hope Davis, who is also an actress today.
  • Mira was a jury member at the 1997 Cannes Film Festival.
  • She adores the original Star Trek series, which aired from 1966 to 1969.
  • Sorvino is a smartphone junkie who can’t live without her phone.
  • She also contributed to numerous tracks as a composer.
  • She obtained her first job as a babysitter.
  • Her favorite novel is The Catcher in the Rye.
  • Mira turned down a three-year contract to feature in the daytime drama Guiding Light in 1993.
  • Sorvino rose to prominence in 2017 as a public speaker who spoke out against the sexual harassment perpetrated by mogul Harvey Weinstein.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mira Sorvino’s Age?

Mira Katherine Sorvino was born on September 28, 1967, in Manhattan, New York City. She is 54 years old.

How Much Does Mira Sorvino Have in Her Bank Account?

Mira Sorvino has a net worth of $16 million right now.

What is Mira Sorvino’s Salary?

Mira Sorvino makes more than $2 million a year.

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